[Ei aihetta]Lauantai 17.01.2009 13:36

Hei, it's alright!
Don't worry. You guys sit in front of the tv, and make a mess. Oh, and don't bother to clean up after yourselves- I'll be home at 11pm, and I'll clean it whilst you guys laugh and joke about it.
It doesn't matter that I've been awake since 7:30am, nor that I've had half an hour break between Uni and going to work. 11 o'clock is nothing, really. In fact, I LOVE having absolutely no free time.

And don't tell me that we should make a cleaning rota. I did, and you all looked at it, laughed, and binned it. So thanks for that. Perhaps if you guys got off your lazy arses and helped a little bit, you wouldn't be so ill because of the dust. Novel idea, huh?

But no, it must be hard doing nothing. Yes, you work 13 hours/week, but you also have 2 days off, and more because you're too hungover to get out of bed. Whilst you're pratting around, using all the dishes and not cleaning them afterwards, I'm at Uni for 10 hours, and then I work for 20 hours. I don't get days off, and I have only a few hours each day when I can sit down and do my Uni work, but time and time again, I find that I spend that time cleaning up after you, you lazy, selfish bastards.

I'm done with the whole farce. If you want to live like pigs, you can.

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