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Ryan Giggs- Welsh WizardSunnuntai 09.12.2007 00:38

Ryan Giggs brought up his century of league goals as Manchester United FC defeated Derby County FC to close to within a point of Arsenal FC at the English summit.

When the Welshman opened the scoring in the 40th minute at Old Trafford he became the eleventh United player to score a century of league goals for the club. The last man to do it was Mark Hughes, now the manager of Premier League rivals Blackburn Rovers FC. Carlos Tévez then scored either side of half-time for the champions, who conceded a goal to Steve Howard – Derby's first away from home this season – in the 76th minute before completing the scoring through Ronaldo's late penalty. -

Just so how do you stop Ryan Giggs? Cut his legs off? dont think so.
No doubt that Ryan Giggs is always one of the best footballers in Europe, but also a real great role model for us- the younger generation. He is just a player, a player who just seems only want to play football, nothing flashy, just FOOTBALLING.
And i really am amazed with Giggs' dedication and effort for his only one club- Manchester United, you hardly see such loyal professional athelete nowadays... maybe besides Kobe Bryant xD
For his team-mates who maybe only had three weeks off, when you get to November time it starts to take its toll. And when the mind becomes tired your game can suffer badly.

Under the protection and stewardship of Sir Alex Ferguson, he grew as a footballer. We always talk about left-footed players, saying: "He's got a great left foot."

But Giggs is much more than that. He would torment defenders, twisting them this way and that. And I had some first-hand experience of it.

Unlike Ronaldo, who uses a multitude of tricks, Giggs would use his whole body to unbalance you, the ball didn't move much but his swaying from side to side would leave you not knowing which way he was going to accelerate - and unpredictability is the most difficult quality to defend against.

It was also infuriating that however many heavy tackles you put in on him he never used to get riled or let it affect him - he would just jump up and demand the ball again so he could have another go at you. He looked skinny, but he had a strong heart.

He is also physically incredibly strong and this, combined with such balance, makes kicking not an option either. Several wingers, like David Ginola or Marc Overmars, were known to go missing if you got stuck into them.

In more recent years, Ryan's football intelligence has grown and matured and now he is no longer just a left winger but can play almost anywhere. This adaptation has prolonged such a great career, allowing him to play at the highest level for so long.

I also believe that being Welsh has helped this. I realise he has played plenty of internationals, but while most of his team-mates were playing lots of extra games in tournament football during summer breaks, Giggs has for the most part had his summers off to relax.

The big thing which i respect Giggs is that, even when he is having a low wave, he still keep his heart big- for the TEAM. You dont see I in the word TEAM. In my life, i have seen players complaining about they dont get enough playing time, so what? Stop the whining, if you dont get enough playing time, check with your teammate, talk to your coach staff and im sure they will let you know what exactly is the problem. You start working hard again from there, its all there is- The Great Mentality which Giggs got, the mentality got him to stand strong, to torture the opponents.

No matter when Giggs will make his retirement, he is no doubt the ONLY Ryan Giggs that Manchester United will ever have, no one will be able to replace his position in everyone's heart.

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