perplexité animalière vol.1Sunnuntai 21.02.2010 15:24

Ongelma: liikaa työtä
Ratkaisu: nuku/älä tee
Perusteleva esimerkki: Kun linnut kohtaavat tilanteen jossa ovat hämillään tai on useita potentiaalisia käyttäytymisvaihtoehtoja, ne nukahtavat.

Viva les oiseaux

eww pain to be feltPerjantai 12.02.2010 00:45

huomenna pitkä pitkä ilta/yö tiedossa, ja uudet korkkarit jotka ei oo vielä muotoutunu :<
eww sounds like a lot of pain for saturdaymorning, not only because of a hungover.


voi hyvä elämäTorstai 28.01.2010 21:45

Snugglebunny || says:
who are you? says:
Snugglebunny || says:
? says:
i'm 21/f your a male right?
Snugglebunny || says:
no not quite but i'd be delighted to know how you got my e-mail adress says:
nice, I just got off work and finally got some time to relax which site did i msg you from again?
Snugglebunny || says:
well i would not really know because you just quite frankly randomly added me and i have no clue of who you are nor of where you got my e-mail adress from says:
I know a way we can chat and have a better time.. do you cam?
Snugglebunny || says:
as much as your mother does :) says:
Well i don't do yahoo cam or any other cam because i have been recorded before... But i do know one site you can watch me on cam, that assures me no one records...
Snugglebunny || says:
sounds lovely but i'm not really excited about the thought says:
I mean... Do you want to see me on my cam?
Snugglebunny || says:
Snugglebunny || says:
i just wanna know who the hell you are says:
Ok go to accept the invite on the page baby
Snugglebunny || says:
and how the fuck you got my em-ail adress says:
sweet, fill out the info ur info.. i can not wait for you to see me baby let me find something nice to wear
Snugglebunny || 3 says:
i have nothing to do with that website lad says:
its the sites policy to ensure no minors get access to the site, so they might ask for CC to verify your age babe.
Snugglebunny || says:
1st of all i'm not your babe. 2nd of all, you could eventually just shove your fist up your ass after which down your throat. you seem to me like a little needy cunt who has no better chances in life to get in touch with humans than trying to convince them to show themselves on webcam to you. you lead a sad sad life, don't you? says:
What color Panties do you think i should wear? i might have you favorite color here somewhere...
Snugglebunny || says:
chew onto them and choke :) says:
Your such a good boy, i'm gonna show you what good boys deserve.. you can tell me to do anything you want me too!
Snugglebunny || says:
what the.?! i already told you i'm not a guy?
Snugglebunny || says:
analphabetic weirdo says:
Ok let me know when you get in so I can invite you directly to my cam.
Snugglebunny || says:
yes let's say that would be never
Snugglebunny || says:
now, have a lovely sad life and bye bye :) says:
u have to enter a cc, atm, or debit card so they can tell your of age, thats the ony way to see me sweety :(
Snugglebunny || says:
i don't want to see you, so now toodles to you! says:
k you in yet babe??
Snugglebunny || says:
that's what she said
on se matikka niiiiin kivaa >:)

EEB2 PREBAC EXAMS // JAN10Torstai 21.01.2010 15:22

pe 22.01 : L1 finnish 8.30-12.30

ma 25.01: Mat3 8.30-11.30

ti 26.01: L2 fra 8.30-11.30

ke 27.01: His4 fra 8.30-11.30

to 28.01: Art4 8.30-12.30

pe 29.01: L3 eng 8.30-11.30

The European School Pre-bac exams are worthy of 40% of the final grades of the Baccalaureate and of the Baccalaureate year 2010.

ahh idiootit<3Perjantai 15.01.2010 19:57

onneks kaksilahkeiset todistaa jokapäiväisesti ylimaalliset älynlahjansa ja logiikkansa.


vitun putkiaivotMaanantai 11.01.2010 22:33

aaaagh mies, miksi olet idiooottiii?????????????????

ei hyvältä näytä huominenSunnuntai 10.01.2010 17:32

hegel, marx, schopenhauer, kierkegaard + 5 moraaliteoriaa

ahdistusMaanantai 04.01.2010 22:47

+ vitutus
= ei hyvä

suomessa jjeeeiiKeskiviikko 23.12.2009 13:38

soitelkaa ryppyruusut