And so you seek redemption at the puritan's hand... Is the hell you find here not enough for you?

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-Mamban kokoelmalevy
-Anabolisia steroideja ja piriä

Clyde, the poop-throwing orangutanTorstai 28.07.2011 04:48

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

Stranger: hi

You: hi

Stranger: what would you like to talk about?

You: Orangutans

Stranger: ok theyre kinda red, arent they?

You: Yes, I happen to know one

You: his name is Clyde

You: he's a dick

Stranger: wow a red dick, amazing...

Stranger: is he as hairy as a orangutan?

You: Of course, he is an orangutan

You: and he loves monster trucks

Stranger: ok

You: all orangutans do

Stranger: sounds interesting

Stranger: so monster truck fans are orangutans?

You: he also likes to throw poop at people

Stranger: ok

You: some of them are

Stranger: but why is everything on omegle about dicks?

You: I'm talking about orangutans, they're fucking awesome

You: especially Clyde

Stranger: but you said hes a dick?

Stranger: and why should an orangutan have a name?

You: Because that's just the way it goes, all orangutans are named Clyde

Stranger: and why clyde?

Stranger: why not john

Stranger: or andy

Stranger: or harry

Stranger: why clyde?

You: It's an ancient tradition, all orangutans answer to that name

Stranger: ah ok

Stranger: they have kinda history?

Stranger: those poop-throwing monster truck fans?

You: Yeah, they get really mad if someone calls them with a different name. Doing that causes a shitstorm.

You: literally

Stranger: shitstorm lol

Stranger: but ok, lets talk about a new topic

Stranger: do you have some other interests than poop-throwing orangutans

Stranger: ?

You: Not really

Stranger: what about sport?

You: I occasionally play football with Clyde

Stranger: american football or soccer?

You: american football

You: so that Clyde gets to throw the ball around

Stranger: you mean the ball, or the poop?

You: that way he gets tired of throwing stuff so he doesn't start throwing poop at people when we go to the supermarket afterwards

Stranger: lol

Stranger: ok i will now leave you alone with clyde

Your conversational partner has disconnected.

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Kovia jätkiä part IVTorstai 14.07.2011 05:30

Puhuva Pää (se vanha)

Namunamunamunamunamunamu toimitusjohtajatoimitusjohtajatoimitusjohtaja pas-2 pas-2 pas-2 nispenispenispenispenispe hampsteri

Kovia jätkiä part IIILauantai 02.07.2011 05:03

Alabama Man

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