Gotta Be Love<3Tiistai 10.11.2009 00:49

Starin out my window pane
Waitin for the phone to ring
All i wanna is just to see you again
Baby, i miss you so
So much that i can't sleep
So much that i can't breath
My heart it skips a beat when i think of you and me

*It's gotta be love
Somethin' about you boy
It's gotta be love
You bring me so much joy
It's gotta be love
I can't wait no more
I wanna be with you
and do with you everything you wanna do
and when your next to me
It's gotta be love
It feels like a fantasy
It's gotta be love
I can't believe
It's like i died and gone to heaven

Feels like i wasn't living for i met you
Don't think that i can go day without you
I spend my days plannin to be around you
No body else theres is only you
No doubt this must be love
Your all i'm thinking of
It's taking over me
So what else could this be


Always keep your picture in my bag
Always looking back at photo graphs
It's crazy i usually act like that
I guess i might be in love
Sometimes i wanna call ya
when i know your not home
just to hear your voice and your sexy little tone
What ya do to me?
Boy, you don't even know it's gotta be


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