Ei aihetta.Torstai 12.11.2009 01:35

You left a letter as a clue
Set me in the air at the spot.. where i first kissed you
Holdin my head in my hands
You brushed a tear off my face
One on one.. you confessed that this all you can take
*I'm broken.. tired
There ain't nothing left to say
I'm crying..
Didn't mean to watch as you just walked away

**Just let him go
It's too far in motion
Just let him go
My heart can gain control
It's too late.. just a little bit
It's too far.. just a little bit
You're leaving me behind
Just let him go..
Just let him go..

I should take it all back
All the kisses i gave you
The tears that you left me with
Don't know how to react
On my own.. by myself
How could you say goodbye?


It's cold..
It's cold in here without you
It's cold..
I'm broken
Thought it could be you
When you think of it
Every little piece of it is keeping me from turning blue
Had to turn away
Didn't want to see you giving me away..


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