[Ei aihetta]Maanantai 28.04.2008 18:40

I can't blame you if you wanna leave
cause i'm not the girl that i once used to be
but there's a change that has come over me
So, before you go, listen to my last plea

*All because of you
You're the love of my life
and i was doin wrong but i wanna do right
All because of you
stayin out all night
Wanna make it right, wanna change my life
All because of you
i don't wanna play no games
All because of you
not gon be the girl that i used to be, no
I changed because of you

Can't take back the things that i did before
but baby i'm promisin that my heart is yours
Know it ain't easy baby, but you gotta believe me baby
All i'm askin for is one more chance, i changed because of you


[Ei aihetta]Maanantai 28.04.2008 18:28

I've been with 9s and 10s
Some come around again
I've seen a dime or two
They don't compare to you
So many things i like
too many to even name
I wanna be your girl
I hope you feel the same

*Baby, all i wanna do is hold you
and show you how much i adore you
want you, need you

**Baby, you're . . you're my favorite boy
Baby, you're the only one
I wanna give you the world
You're . . you're my favorite boy
You really, really got it going on
Everything that a girl could want
You're my favorite boy

Boy, no more playing games
I'm done with other dames
I figure what's the use, there's really no excuse
Many good qualities, i can't think of one complaint
That's why you're number one
and all the others ain't



You're everything a girl like me could ever want
Give me what i need and nothing that
I don't
Boy, i promise i'll always have your back
You're all i need


[Ei aihetta]Maanantai 28.04.2008 17:33

I couldn't imagine life
without your warmth and praise
and your energy
From the smile on your face
I know, you got my back
No matter what comes up against me
and when i get weak
i feel like giving up
You nnow just what to say
to lift my spirits up
So, i take this time
to thank You
for believing in me

*If there's no one else i can count on
to be there for me
All i need
All i see
when i dream of achieving
and i'm reaching my head to te sky
There's a vision that's clear
That you're rght by my side

** Tell me where i'd be if i didn't have you
if i didn't have a shoulder to lean on to
Tell me where i'd be, withot you here with me
Oh, can' you see?
I owe it all to you

Without our guidance
or your protection
Whose gon' lead me
In the tight direction
and when i cry, tell me
whose gonna wipe away my tears
and on those stormy nights
Whose gonna comfort me
and tell me it's gonna be all right
From you i get he motivation to believe in me
Because all the potential that you see in me
I believe anything is possible



Tell me where i'd be
without you here with me?


[Ei aihetta]Maanantai 28.04.2008 16:54

There's been times
that you flipped on me
cause i was wrong
and i liked it
There's been times i've called
and it went straight to voicemail
and i liked it
There's been times
you gave me closure
apologized then you
cried on my shoulder
and i was in your drive way
before you fixed your lips
to say come over
No matter what it is
i'm there for you

Hold up, wait a minute
Shh shh, let me finish
I just wanna holla at you
I bet you finish my sentence
'cause you know where my mind is
Baby, you know where my heart lives..
With you

*You make my life complete
You make everything sour, sweet
You are my everything
Baby, you make everyday complete
You make my life complete
Baby, you bring out the best in me
You are my everything
Baby, you make everyday complete

There's been times
people try to come between us
and i can't stand it
Sometimes i feel
like the world is against us
I can't understand it, damn it
but you always find a way
to escape the world
You love your homies,
but you never put them before your girl
You said the beauty in me
outweigh the wrong
and you've been waitin'
for somebody like me, so long
Come sit between my legs
and let me rub you
No need to argue
I just wanna love you
All i can do is think about you
Baby, i'm too optimistic to doubt you


You are my everything
and everything is you
You're a part of all my dreams
You're in my heart
and can't be removed
You mean the world to me
and every word i say is true
You are everything
and everything is you



[Ei aihetta]Maanantai 28.04.2008 16:23

If i seem just a bit taken, pardon me
but you're so amazing
I just want us to do this exclusively
Say, you'll be my baby...

[Ei aihetta]Maanantai 28.04.2008 16:13

I really wanna be with you
but i gotta be real with you
I can't leave you alone
and i know i'm living wrong
Your the one i want in my life
I can't let you go..

Aaw, my lil shorty boy ♥

[Ei aihetta]Maanantai 28.04.2008 15:12

Hey look i'm only in town for a night
and when i pull up man the crowd get hyped
and everybody love me, the browns to the whites
You live like a movie but a movie my life

I'm the life of the party
(Every time i show up)
I'm the life of the party
(Every time i blow up)
I'm the life of the party
(Every time i show up)
I'm the life of the party
(Every time i blow up)

Now go and roll up the swisher
but don't drink all my liquor
You know it's all good my nigga
Give me one second, i'll pose for your picture
Like cheese, cheese, cheese, cheese, cheese, cheese
Now everybody just freeze, freeze, freeze, freeze
Now DJ, bring the music please!

[Ei aihetta]Maanantai 28.04.2008 15:06

See, ever since the day i got the chance to make a change
I've been in this game, it's a new day and i'm making it known cause,
i just want the world to know,
i'm paying my dues and i got the utmost
I just wanna let you know, im paying homage
cause you've paved the way for me.

[Ei aihetta]Maanantai 28.04.2008 14:24

I can't get you off my mind
I ain't frontin.. Yeah, i lost it dime
but you crossed the line and ain't follow directions
You gone, getting back togethers out of the question,
i moved on..

[Ei aihetta]Maanantai 28.04.2008 14:20

Every time we argue and fight
i feel like i'm dying,
i feel like crying..
To tell you the truth you feel like i'm lying
but i'ma move longer and stronger as ever without you,
I could do better, but i could never forget about you boy <sydän>