[Ei aihetta]Maanantai 20.04.2009 22:50

How did it get to be this way?
You and i fussin' and fightin' almost everyday
Where the sun used to shine, now it rains
The look in your eyes only reminds me of the pain between us
Baby, what happend to all the affection?
The love and connection we used to share
Brighter days, they seem so far away
Sometimes, i just wanna give up

My love, if you want it back
I'll be willing to stay out the clubs ballin'
If you want it back
Change my number, keep them other guys from callin'
If you want it back
Boy, i'll do it right now, no more stallin'
'cuz i want it back, so tell me.....

**Can we, can we start all over again?
Been through too much to let it go
I need you, my lover, my friend
Baby, let's not fight no more
You know inside, we were meant to spend forever
Nothing can stop us as long as we're together, hold on
Give us another chance, i need to know
Can we start over again?

Would be so easy to just turn and walk away
to charge it to the game and look to another day
But damn it, something just keeps pulling me in
Boy, deep down inside you know this isn't the end between us
Baby, if you hold on to me, you'll see
We can make things right, if you help me fight
I could be wrong but i'll take that chance
'cuz i think it's worth it, you know it's worth it

Baby, take me back
If without me, you just can't sleep
Just take me back
If you wake up at night, reachin' for me
Baby, take me back
If leaving brings uncertainty
Boy, just take me back


Boy, there's no other way i can put it to you
'cuz i need you right here with me
Anything to keep this love together, i'll do
but first you gotta work with me
We both made mistakes, along the way the breaks
I'll take the blame from my part and that's a start
but it takes two
Tell me.. are you willing to do the same in return
Please, don't let it burn



[Ei aihetta]Perjantai 17.04.2009 23:22

Staring at the TV screen, sitting home the other day
Nothing left but memories
and i really hate to think
I waited too long to tell you how i feel
'cause baby, now you're gone
I could still see your face
When i walk into the room
I could be a thousand miles away
but in my mind, i'm next to you
I feel so close but when i open up my eyes
I see, i'm standing here alone

I used to say nothing would tear us apart
No matter where you are
It's cause you'll always have a piece of my heart
No matter where you are
but i'm so sick and tired of trying
Baby, i just can't fight it, i need you here in my life.

[Ei aihetta]Torstai 16.04.2009 21:28

It's getting hard to sleep at night
It's like a chill in the air
and it keeps messing with my mind, something like a nightmare
Besides the walls of pain, the only thing remains a picture in a broken frame
So, tell me why do i still smile when i hear your name?
All the emotions and feelings stirring deep inside
I try to run but i just can't hide..

Your love haunts me
I can't escape it any where that i go
Does it mean you love me?
Or really that i'm just stuck in my world?
My heart is haunted and it gets cornered by your love tho'
Is it you or that i can't let go..?

[Ei aihetta]Maanantai 06.04.2009 12:55

Lately, you and me ain't talking much lately
and the way you act is driving me crazy
'Cuz somethings wrong
Talk to me, what going on?
Nothing, everytime i ask what's up you say it's nothing
but baby, i can tell you're fronting
Somethings on your mind
but you're acting like everythings alright, so why?

*So why do you keep on pretending, that everything is still okay?
Don't you still want the happy ending? Don't you still want to be with me?
**What happened to the days we were in love?
When nothing came between the two of us
I wanna go back to the way it was
Why can't we go back to the way it was?
Do you remember when we were still friends?
Now every other day's another argument
I wanna go back to the way it was
Why can't we go back to the way it was?

Slowly, without you here i'm dying so slowly
and i need you near 'cuz no one else knows me not the way you do
and i can't breathe without you here
It's obvious i need you and you need me
What are we gonna do?
So, baby why can't we...
Why can't we work it out?
Isn't that what love's about?


I'm tired
I'm sick and tired of fighting
and inside i'm dying
I wanna do right by you
What i'm saying is true
I can't take losing you
Can we go back?



[Ei aihetta]Lauantai 21.03.2009 21:22

With the rain, comes more pain
You never know, damn the weather
Hard to hide, when i cry
This pain inside, ain't ge'n better
Body shakes
I feel so numb
I'm shiverin', why did you go?

My body is froze, every part of me cold
My hearts achin' and i can't breathe
Souls breakin', minus 31 degreese
Nowhere else to go

I'm so cold
My body's frozen
I'm so cold.. frozen

Casha- Killing MeLauantai 21.03.2009 20:29

See i can't take the way you treat me
Said that you
"Gon need me.. i got your back, girl that's a fact that i'll never leave you"
When you start say i ain't got time for you
Always talking about what i don't do
You ain't fooling me
You ain't half the man that you used to be
and i used to be your ride or die
Your lullaby, your alliby
Go wash your clothes, on the side your tie
Boy, everything that i sacrificed
*The way that you don't call me
The way that you don't hold me
I know, you don't want me

**And it's killing me, boy your love is killing me
The pain is killing me, boy your love kills so
Never thought that i'd ever ever shut you down
Always thought that you gon be around
Because you dealing me, it's breaking me, it's killing me

Said i'd sell ya for some chick on side
but shoulda cost some mucka seem cause he ain't doing me right
Tell me what am i supposed to do?
Because i'm so torn inbetween the two
and boy, you used to say that you loved me
Used to say that you trust me
Used to say that i was your only one
Who'd put no one above me
When you start saying i ain't got time for you
Always talking about what i don't do
Boy, you ain't fooling me
You half the man that you used to be
and i used to be your everything
Your flower girl
Your wedding ring
Your bestfriend
Your best man
Tell me whos gonna put it down like me


You know your strumming my pain with your guitar
Singing my whole life though his words
Killing me softly with your song


[Ei aihetta]Perjantai 20.03.2009 14:43

His voice, i can still hear it all in my head
I can still hear the way that he said
When he said he's leaving
My tears, i can still feel em all in my hands
I can still see em from where i stand in his pain, i'm drowning
but i, only have myself to blame
Don't tell me that it's too late
I think about you night and day

*Yes, i hurt you, i know
Yeah, i made my mistakes
Next time i won't let pride in the way
I'll stand by your side and i'll stand 'till it's right
There's no way it should end this way
Just don't walk away

You're on the other side of town
I wonder what you're thinking now
I never meant to break you down
I'm sorry now
One more day without you by my side
I swear it's gonna make me die
I need you to turn around


Every morning when i open my eyes
It's a nightmare cause baby you're not there
No loving when i get home
I'm tired of praying alone
Baby, please come back, i know..


Teairra Mari Ft. Pleasure P- Hunt 4 UMaanantai 16.03.2009 23:32

I'm looking for you
That sweet incredible you, that unforgetable you
The you that only i can know
Tell me what i gotta do
What walls i gotta break through
That will bring me right back to you
'cuz im searching boy but i don't have a clue
*I'm not gon stop fighting
i'm gon' keep searching
I'll go to the end of the world if i have to
I'm gon' keep trying as long as i'm hurting
Tell me, what i gotta do?
'Cuz i'm on the hunt for you

**Where you at?
'cuz boy i'm on the hunt for you

I'm looking for you
That irreplaceable you, that warm embraceable you
That walked right out that door
What argument can i lose?
What day can i play a fool?
Tell me, what i gotta do?
To figure out why you don't luv me no more


She said, i've been missing for a minute
I ain't been no where
I'm in this m*thafucka...till we finish
and we go back and forth with cursing words like it's Tina's
'Cuz i'm a green thing
I'll be out here chasing spinach
and she said, i don't want your cars
i'd rather have your heart
You call me you wifey
Baby, let me play the part
She hates when were apart
She calls me up whenever i leave
She's looking out for me..


[Ei aihetta]Maanantai 16.03.2009 23:24

I love you and i apologize
Still i don't know the reason
So, i can't tell you why
I hurt the one i love
I know that i messed up
That it hurts me so deep inside
Well, i wish i could go back in time
So, i could fix up my mistake
Make everything alright
I know just what is on your mind
Couldn't blame if you hated me for the rest of my life

I'm sorry and i do realize that things will never be the same
No matter how hard i try
'Cuz i hurt the one i love
How could i let you down and there's no other reason
Why you just on the ground
Well, i wish i could go back in time..

[Ei aihetta]Maanantai 16.03.2009 22:41

There's something missin', there in your eyes
That's all i need to know something ain't right
Your heart just ain't with me
Baby, you can't deny
That we've become perfect strangers
*So, i know, know it's the end
End of our love, end of a friend
But before you go, tell me would you mind
Giving me one, one more night

**Can i hold you tonight? One last time
Before the fire goes out and this love dies
Can i hold you tonight? One last time

Claimed you'd be here forever but that's not what you meant
Some things are better left unsaid
'cuz i knew this one's comin'
I had the feeling
'cuz the last time we spoke, i felt your heart drifting


If you ever loved me
You'll give me these last few moments
Let me hold you tonight, one last time