[Ei aihetta]Lauantai 29.03.2008 21:13

We gotta try hard to work things out
We'd been off and on quite long time now
is better this way, isn't it?

It's started when i first say, baby what's up
We fall in love
2 years and 6moths in the past
throught our love could last ..

[Ei aihetta]Lauantai 29.03.2008 20:10

I can't seem to get a piece of mind
Cuz it's running through my mind all the time
I can't really help it
This is so confusing
I can't understand it

*Do you remember when we promised each other to stay forever in love?
Boy, you stepped on the promise you did the ugliest thing i could think of
Tell me how could i let it go?

**You used to be my everything
I used to be your only girl
We used to be unseparable
We couldn't spend the nights away
You used to be my melody
You used to mean the world to me
You didn't even say that you were sorry

I can't seem to get you out of my head
Cuz the echoes is left from the pain you said
Feeling kinda helpless
Nobody to talk to
Shit is really endless



Situations gone bad
and you're the one that's mad
How come im the one that ripped you apart
Can't believe that you would try to push this to the side
How come im the one that ripped you apart


[Ei aihetta]Lauantai 29.03.2008 19:45

Baby, you're the one i'm waiting for
because you give me what i needed more
Cause it's clear that we are meant to be,

[Ei aihetta]Lauantai 29.03.2008 19:43

I'm gonna be the love that's gonna last
and be the one that got your back
and nothing never that bad
That we would be together
and we both made a mistakes
and something never wished we made
But we will be okay if we just stay together.

[Ei aihetta]Perjantai 28.03.2008 20:19

I've been through it
You've been through it
Never want to break up, but you do it
Nothing's working
Both are hurtin'
You're going out and you catch yourself flirting
Arguing like
Every week it's
To the point where you really ain't speaking
So you leave her
But it's only
A matter of time before you say

Boy, i'm so broke down without you
Boy, i messed up
Baby, can you forgive me?
I can't stop thinking 'bout you
Cause i was at my best when you was with me
It's funny.

[Ei aihetta]Perjantai 28.03.2008 20:15

Said i can't really hide it, i'm so excited
The feelin' came back when i saw U tonite and
meaning to find out how U been doin' lately
Our time apart's been driving me crazy
Boy, i wanna know have U found affection
or do we still have a love connection?
I been thru searches other people
but it never worked i had to leave 'em
Finally now i ran into U
Look just the same as U did
You ain't really changed, boy, you're still a cutie
Nah, i take it back now you're more of a hadsome
Me, i been good, i'm more secure now
Still a kid at heart, but i'm more mature now
and if you have an open weekend
Let's catch up boy
i'm hopin' we can

*I wanna get back to the love, boy
I wanna get back to the love we had
I wanna get back to the love, boy
I wanna get back to the love
Back to the love

Hush, close your eyes let me paint the picture
Things i should've done back when i was with U
Boy, should've cooked, should've made U breakfast
Should've put the down on that diamond necklace
Boy, should've know boy that one day maybe
You would be the one i wanna have my baby
So i'm askin U please, do it for me babe
Would U do it for me
Anything U want or need to be happy
Boy I'll do it for U, U don't gotta ask me
Anything to keep you smiling and laughing
Boy I'll do it for U, U don't gotta ask me
Even if you don't know exactly
Boy I'll do it for U, U don't gotta ask me
Honey what i'm tryna say
I wanna get back in the baddest way


This is what call a comeback song
A song where U come back to your senses
and realize U may have walked away
From the best thing in your life
How's a perfect time to call, i know all got cell phones
Pick up the phone
Let me know

[Ei aihetta]Perjantai 28.03.2008 20:01

I've tried to heal the wounds
make it as if it never was
and i know i've done my best
but i can never heal the scars

*I wanna say i'm sorry but i know i'll do it again
I'll do it again
I know what i did but i still don't know the reason
I wanna say i'm sorry but i know i'll do it again
I'll do it again
I'll do it to you
I don't wanna hurt you anymore

I pull you close
Feel your love
Then i push you away from me
Protect myself
I'm not safe when my boundaries are violated
and it's kill or die
So i choose me
Over you

ADD is my excuse
and with my excuse i shot you down
and i know i've got to change
But i can never work out how


No matter what i say
I love you so much i cannot leave
but this drive me crazy
I always find it hard to breathe


[Ei aihetta]Perjantai 28.03.2008 18:15

Why don’t you return my calls?
Why you trip out where i be?
You don’t ever come to see me
You say that you're 2 busy
What the hell i don't have time
Why you messin' with my mind?
I can find another guy
Someone who will treat me right
I don’t need this bullshit
I won't put up with it
Any longer
You can go if you want
*I don’t need your pity
I will be just fine if
You decide that you want to leave
Closer go behind you
I just want to know what

**What about all of the things that you said?
What about all of the promises that you made?
What about all of the lies that you gave?
What about all of the things you told me?
What about us?

Thought you said you were different
Was that what i heard you say?
Said that you'd love only me
Thought that you'd be all i'd need
What if it took promises
Said that you were a better man
Your words have no ways with me
Cuz you can't have it i see, i don't need that


[Ei aihetta]Perjantai 28.03.2008 17:02

There's some good and bad memories.. but you remember only those bad memories..
Open your eyes.. don't forget about us..
How can i let it go? Everytime i see you around..

[Ei aihetta]Torstai 27.03.2008 04:25

This is the last time that i see ya
in the end it was nice to meet ya