at the point of no returning

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192.Perjantai 01.04.2011 01:30

how it makes me sick to think what happened to us
and how did it end up like this.

191.Maanantai 28.03.2011 02:05

this hurricane's chasing us all underground.

190.Maanantai 21.03.2011 22:06

keep fighting a good fight.
luulin meistä aina liikaa.

188.Perjantai 04.03.2011 02:40

Every single night i dream of you coming back
and every fucking day i dream of dreams going away
for i can't stand this anymore.

187.Lauantai 19.02.2011 03:55

i just really need you to come back.

186.Maanantai 14.02.2011 02:13

sometimes i miss the idea of you.
Luckily it goes away.
The feeling goes away.

185.Torstai 10.02.2011 22:31

i want you to feel my pain.

184.Perjantai 04.02.2011 00:45

Well is it still me that makes you sweat?
Am i who you think about in bed?
When the lights are dim and your hands are shaking
as you're sliding off your dress?
Well then think of what you did
and i hope to God she was worth it
when the lights are dim and your heart is racing
as you're fingers touch your skin.
I've got more wit, a better kiss, a hotter touch, a better fuck
than any girl you'll ever meet,
sweetie you had me.

183.Maanantai 31.01.2011 22:03

Riittäisikö täällä, pettävällä jäällä
yksi jonka kanssa ei yksinäinen oo?
Riittääkö se täällä, pettävällä jäällä?

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