at the point of no returning

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344.Perjantai 14.12.2012 23:48

i think maybe, just maybe, i'm starting to forget.

343.Maanantai 03.12.2012 00:15

on helppoo tarttuu kiinni ja kohta päästää menemään.

342.Keskiviikko 14.11.2012 02:50

If God ever makes mistakes, you are the most definitely one of them. You, you are cruel creature without ability to love. You treated me like shit, like some thing that you can win, trade, sell or throw away (and sure all of these you did). But the biggest of God's mistakes? Me loving you, after all this. Me caring for you and willing to take you back if you were ever to come back.

341. mä pidän sulle tekohengitystreenitMaanantai 12.11.2012 01:35

he-hei jos sä tarviit happee ja iltas tekee kuolemaa, soita mulle.

340.Lauantai 10.11.2012 01:25

this certainly is the most terrifying thing: i have had some men before you, and hell, have i had some men after you, but never, not before nor after have i felt like one of them has been the one. no, i just feel that you were, and you are, the one. and it scares the hell outta me to think that i've maybe lost you forever.

because who am i without the one by my side.

339.Keskiviikko 07.11.2012 02:22

every now and then i kinda get over you, forget you, let my wounds heal and don't think of you at all. And everything starts to seem perfectly nice and i'm sorta happy and it even seems that i will be able to move on someday. But then all this "kinda happy and nice" -shit hits me and i start to recall how it all was between us and i open my wounds that i've wanted so hard to heal and then i just wallow in sorrow and pity myself for thinking everything was just fine again. Just can't help but wonder - why on earth do you have this iron hold on me.

338.i choose to be happySunnuntai 28.10.2012 03:01

shine bright like a diamond
shine bright like a diamond
shining bright like a diamond
we're beautiful like diamonds in the sky.

337.Keskiviikko 24.10.2012 02:17

if there's a way to forget you, i would really like to know.

336.Perjantai 12.10.2012 19:07

every time i close my eyes,
it's like a dark paradise,
no one compares to you,
i'm scared that you
won't be waiting on the other side.

335. nothing scares me anymoreTorstai 11.10.2012 01:24

kiss me hard before you go, summertime sadness
i just wanted you to know that, baby, you're the best.