at the point of no returning

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297.Lauantai 25.02.2012 01:28

mä vaan tahtoisin olla onnellinen.

296. nyt oikeastiTorstai 23.02.2012 22:20

anna jo olla,
anna mun olla ja unohtaa.

295.Perjantai 17.02.2012 22:38

the thing is, i don't remember if i was happy before you,
i don't remember how to be happy with or without you
and, in fact, i don't remember the time before you at all.

294.Perjantai 17.02.2012 05:45

Mä en pysty tähän enää.

293.Sunnuntai 12.02.2012 21:25

you and me together nothing is better.

292.Sunnuntai 12.02.2012 01:02

ja sä sanoit ettei meillä ole aikaa tuhlata
mihin sulla oli kiire, sä et ehtinyt kertoa
ja sä sanoit että aurinko on tehty tulesta
nyt talven tullessa se on niin kaukana.

291.Keskiviikko 08.02.2012 01:53

please just give me a sign, something to believe in when the world around us is falling apart.

290.Maanantai 06.02.2012 02:16

because what the hell, boy, let's just face it: all i have done for the last two years is one hell of a fight for you and for us, and let's face this too: since i have no power left, it's time you fought for us like you have never fought for anything or anyone.

289. you light the skies up above meSunnuntai 05.02.2012 03:29

yeah, you and me we can light up the sky
if you stay by my side.

288.Torstai 02.02.2012 01:53

i just have so much love for you inside of me that i don't even have enough words to tell about it.