at the point of no returning

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sometimes prayers are being answered to so much faster than you could ever imagine.

286.Maanantai 30.01.2012 00:24

i only miss you when i'm breathing.

285.Lauantai 28.01.2012 20:01

so how come when i reach out my finger
it feels like more than distance between us?

in this california king bed
we're ten thousand miles apart
i've been california wishing on these stars
for your heart on me.

284.Torstai 26.01.2012 02:20

mitä jos tää on hirveä virhe
ja rakastun helvetisti
oikeasti, aivan oikeasti.

283.Tiistai 24.01.2012 00:05

282.Sunnuntai 22.01.2012 23:43

"The love that lasts the longest is the love that is never returned."
Somerset Maugham

281.Perjantai 20.01.2012 00:51

but now you're
you're looking like you really like him, like him
and now you're feeling like you miss him, miss him
you're speaking like you really love him, love him
and now you're dancing like you really need him, need him.

280.Tiistai 17.01.2012 00:00

i will wrap my body in other men's arms,
make love in a hurry, feel better than i am,
hope you find yourself in someone else's eyes.

279.Sunnuntai 15.01.2012 22:50

"My black Balenciaga will be perfect to publicly condemn you."
"I love public."
"I love condemnation."
"I love you."
"...Of course, no one does black like Dior."

278. keep calm and have piano sexSunnuntai 15.01.2012 07:30

can't stop watching