at the point of no returning

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310.Perjantai 30.03.2012 00:32

and at some point i just forgot how to try.

309.Keskiviikko 28.03.2012 01:51

i'm so afraid of the possibility that you're not coming back this time.

308.Lauantai 24.03.2012 03:31

i don't know how and why on earth,
but you made me care for you
and now i'm lost in the hell created by your lies and my dreams.
wouldn't you please come back.

307.Torstai 22.03.2012 04:01

sometimes i think you're the choice i regret ever choosing.
but then again, there's no one but me to blame for that.

306.Tiistai 20.03.2012 00:37

just look around you - God tells us about himself in so many beautiful ways.

305.Sunnuntai 18.03.2012 04:14

Gosh how i miss you.

304.Lauantai 17.03.2012 22:26

sä näytät upeelta, kai sä muistit mun kellukkeet?

tää mesta ei oo mun kokonen.

302.Keskiviikko 14.03.2012 20:27

and as for me, i'm gonna hold to that for as long as possible.

301. soudellaan, soudellaanTiistai 13.03.2012 00:49

soutaa huopaa vedetään taas nuottaa
kerro miks mä tarviin sua o-o-o
soutaa huopaa edestakas luottaa
ei kumpikaan voi toisiinsa, o-o-o.