at the point of no returning

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321.Lauantai 28.04.2012 05:05

I run into you and nothing in your eyes tells that you recognize me, better yet even notice me. It feels as if my heart very literally stops beating and you walk away and something within me dies very slowly and painfully. I just cant help but wonder in what kind of the universe God does things like that?

Had i walked away first, would this still be hurting this damn much?

320. your face is like a melodyTorstai 26.04.2012 04:28

Missing you terribly isn't the worst thing about this.
Nor is the feeling of being hurt, betrayed, used and thrown away.
Not knowing if you even remember what we had is.

319.Perjantai 20.04.2012 02:38

good luck with building something worth living for from the stardust for i'm planning on being the fullmoon for someone else now.

318. heaven: for me, lost forever.Sunnuntai 15.04.2012 04:01

heaven is a place on earth with you.

317.Lauantai 14.04.2012 17:08

this surely must be the biggest difference between us,
but understanding that makes getting over you so much easier.

316. just for u to knowKeskiviikko 11.04.2012 03:02

next time you come around, i may not be here.

315.Tiistai 10.04.2012 05:18

now that i really try and recall, i remember some seriously happy times in my life without you in it. so how come i forgot how to smile?

314.Maanantai 09.04.2012 05:15

i'm lost in this senseless cruel world and i don't know if it even makes a difference which path i choose anymore cause i know you're nowhere near. but knowing that i still wake up every night screaming your name as if it was the only thing to keep me alive, to keep us alive.

had i admitted that we're dead, everything would be better.

313.Lauantai 07.04.2012 06:33

i really need you here with me and for me.

312.Perjantai 06.04.2012 21:53

i was told not to ever give up on something
that i can't go a day without thinking about.
So not giving up on you.