at the point of no returning

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197.Maanantai 25.04.2011 04:39

Isä, jos tahdot, niin ota tämä malja minulta pois. Mutta älköön toteutuko minun tahtoni, vaan sinun.

196.Torstai 21.04.2011 23:03

now i see you sweat-sweating
yeah i know your getting hot
got my eyes on you boy
let me see what you've got.

Take your shirt off
and spin it around
you've got your stunna shades on
and your dancing around
so put your hands up
yeah, to the break-down
so take your shirt off
t-t-take your shirt off

195. losing you is a nightmare babeLauantai 16.04.2011 21:22

and i'm living in a nightmare.

194.Tiistai 12.04.2011 22:54

tearing me apart to know that
i found my missing puzzle piece in you
and then i just lost you.

193.Tiistai 05.04.2011 00:12

all i want to do is
be more like me
and be less like you.

192.Perjantai 01.04.2011 01:30

how it makes me sick to think what happened to us
and how did it end up like this.

191.Maanantai 28.03.2011 02:05

this hurricane's chasing us all underground.

190.Maanantai 21.03.2011 22:06

keep fighting a good fight.
luulin meistä aina liikaa.

188.Perjantai 04.03.2011 02:40

Every single night i dream of you coming back
and every fucking day i dream of dreams going away
for i can't stand this anymore.