at the point of no returning

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250.Torstai 27.10.2011 03:03

this is me never taking chances.

249.Keskiviikko 26.10.2011 03:13

should i know that.

248.Tiistai 25.10.2011 03:55

if faith is all it takes to keep us alive.
then gosh i really do believe in us.

247.Sunnuntai 23.10.2011 03:08

Rule number four: never stop thinking about him even for a moment. Because that's the moment he'll appear.
sinussa on valo,
sinussa on yö,
sinulla on sitkeä sydän joka lyö,
väsymättä kipinöitä tuuleen
valaisemaan tietä pimeää

245.Maanantai 10.10.2011 21:01

show me how to lie
you're getting better all the time.

244.Perjantai 07.10.2011 02:27

and who do you think you are,
running 'round, leaving scars,
collecting your jar of hearts,
tearing love apart ?
you're gonna catch a cold
from the ice inside your soul,
so don't come back for me,
don't come back at all.

243.Lauantai 01.10.2011 00:04

i guess there's this little difference between us:
for me, it's always you and
for you, it's never me.

242.Perjantai 30.09.2011 03:48

ja jossain alla maan ne kaiken aikaa yhteen punoneet on juuriaan

241.Tiistai 27.09.2011 01:00

why do you keep doing this?