[Ei aihetta]Sunnuntai 16.12.2007 03:00

Baby, i thought you're love was mine
I thought your love was a part of my life
Now, it's so hard to walk away
But it's even harder for me to stay

*I'm looking for someone new
Someone to take the place of you
Someone who's heart is true
And when i find him,
i promise to
never put him through what
this love has turned into
I'll never leave him...lonely

You didn't share the tears i cried
You didn't feel the pain inside
You didn't take the time to love
You didn't give a damn about us
You couldn't look into my eyes
You couldn't hold me one last time
You wouldn't tell me not to go
I guess we were better off alone


I swear i'll never do him wrong <sydän>

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