[Ei aihetta]Keskiviikko 09.01.2008 01:05

Is it wrong to say i love you?
Is it wrong to say i need you too?
Is it wrong to want to be with you?
Cause' baby i do
Is it wrong on me to feel this much?
All i need from you is just one touch
So, let me know you feel the same way like i do
Tell me it's true

*Cause' every part of me was longing to love someone,
to hold someone
I waited patiently not knowing where i belong
I'm hoping for someone new, that someone is you

Loving you just seems so easy
It's an endless possibility
Lay it on the line, do it right this time
In the end it will make you mine


There's nothing else to talk about
I know at times things just get crazy
But you and i just fit together baby
Now i know what i feel inside,
you and i can make things right


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