[Ei aihetta]Perjantai 20.03.2009 14:43

His voice, i can still hear it all in my head
I can still hear the way that he said
When he said he's leaving
My tears, i can still feel em all in my hands
I can still see em from where i stand in his pain, i'm drowning
but i, only have myself to blame
Don't tell me that it's too late
I think about you night and day

*Yes, i hurt you, i know
Yeah, i made my mistakes
Next time i won't let pride in the way
I'll stand by your side and i'll stand 'till it's right
There's no way it should end this way
Just don't walk away

You're on the other side of town
I wonder what you're thinking now
I never meant to break you down
I'm sorry now
One more day without you by my side
I swear it's gonna make me die
I need you to turn around


Every morning when i open my eyes
It's a nightmare cause baby you're not there
No loving when i get home
I'm tired of praying alone
Baby, please come back, i know..


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