[Ei aihetta]Tiistai 21.08.2007 23:46

It's been a minute since you left me
Out here on my own
And I'd never felt this empty
Since I been alone
And the silence is louder than any fight we've ever had before
You don't even know
The time for night to turn to morning
Never took this long
And there's nothing to take from me
Cause, you're already gone
Bein hurt for a while's how I'll get over you

*So, keep callin me names, babe
Tell everyone I'm crazy
Do whatcha gotta do
To forget bout me and you
If it's easier to hate me
Then go on have your way, babe
Do whatcha gotta do
To forget bout me and you

I can't remember to forget you
Whenever there's another
I accidently just compare you
But they don't measure up
Every mile that I steer
Every song that I hear is a memory of you
Please, leave me alone
And no matter what
Please, don't regret all the times you
Pretend you don't see me
It's pathetic, I try to despise you
Just like you do with me
Love just don't disappear especially when it's true


Sometimes it takes you feel you've died to know you really are alive in here
And I'd trade my soul
Just to wake up from
This nightmare they all say is my life now
Baby I don't wanna make it all harder for you
But I love you like crazy if you gotta hate me
Then do what you gotta do



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