Teairra Mari Ft. Pleasure P- Hunt 4 UMaanantai 16.03.2009 23:32

I'm looking for you
That sweet incredible you, that unforgetable you
The you that only i can know
Tell me what i gotta do
What walls i gotta break through
That will bring me right back to you
'cuz im searching boy but i don't have a clue
*I'm not gon stop fighting
i'm gon' keep searching
I'll go to the end of the world if i have to
I'm gon' keep trying as long as i'm hurting
Tell me, what i gotta do?
'Cuz i'm on the hunt for you

**Where you at?
'cuz boy i'm on the hunt for you

I'm looking for you
That irreplaceable you, that warm embraceable you
That walked right out that door
What argument can i lose?
What day can i play a fool?
Tell me, what i gotta do?
To figure out why you don't luv me no more


She said, i've been missing for a minute
I ain't been no where
I'm in this m*thafucka...till we finish
and we go back and forth with cursing words like it's Tina's
'Cuz i'm a green thing
I'll be out here chasing spinach
and she said, i don't want your cars
i'd rather have your heart
You call me you wifey
Baby, let me play the part
She hates when were apart
She calls me up whenever i leave
She's looking out for me..


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