Half of smokers die coz of tobacco, but life takes everyone

.ytilaeR|Words.Sunnuntai 28.01.2007 18:02

Words refer to things, they can be used to describe things, but they arent the things.
Words are tied to emotions through primitive notation. Describing things by words create more complex emotion matrixes.
When one ties reality with words, a limited emotionally associated image of reality is created. Image then, by power of memory, bends over time and place. Associations come more complex for every word.
Eventually, name of someone you know, represents every association about him you have encountered. Complex picture is simplified to simple associations, which we can in part use, in making more complex association matrixes, and simplify them to be used again. So to create a 'worldview' for us.
Problem in human communication is that words, by simplifying, also overemphasize.

Biting, bits, break an thought down to million words to say it. One simple thought. Why is it so hard and doomed to fail?

Whatever you might see about others, it is only you. You don't know their complex reality, but you can learn to know yours.

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