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Half of smokers die coz of tobacco, but life takes everyone

Forer effect | ylhtnom margaenneMaanantai 12.02.2007 18:33

Jonain päivänä sinä synnyit.
Jonain päivänä sinä kuolet.

.ytilaeR|Words.Sunnuntai 28.01.2007 18:02

Words refer to things, they can be used to describe things, but they arent the things.
Words are tied to emotions through primitive notation. Describing things by words create more complex emotion matrixes.
When one ties reality with words, a limited emotionally associated image of reality is created. Image then, by power of memory, bends over time and place. Associations come more complex for every word.
Eventually, name of someone you know, represents every association about him you have encountered. Complex picture is simplified to simple associations, which we can in part use, in making more complex association matrixes, and simplify them to be used again. So to create a 'worldview' for us.
Problem in human communication is that words, by simplifying, also overemphasize.

Biting, bits, break an thought down to million words to say it. One simple thought. Why is it so hard and doomed to fail?

Whatever you might see about others, it is only you. You don't know their complex reality, but you can learn to know yours.

[Ei aihetta]Sunnuntai 19.11.2006 17:23

Hiljaisuuden spiraali syö kaikki elävältä kolmannessa maailmassa näyttämättä kenellekään nälkäänsä.


[Ei aihetta]Perjantai 17.11.2006 02:45

Generation of information overload
Looking back from the years to come
What went wrong, what did we miss,
how did we end up here, in world of demise?

Is it true or is it not,
what didn't they see,
or did they bring it here.

Or did it happen not,
Only an echo of past,
days we think were better,
calm wind whispering through the night.

Information overload, curse of memebearing.
No facts unless cast directly in our eyes,
only flat-screen-psychosis, a culture of monkeys,
in a giant cage, on antibiotics.

Muutama asia.
Lapsipornon levittäjät eivät todennäköisesti toimi avoimessa verkossa. Joidenkin aikaisempien artikkeleiden perusteella uskoisin että materiaalin vaihdosta suurin osa tapahtuu suorina tiedostojensiirtoina. Tähän ei eduskunnan vaatimat rajoitukset yllä. Järjestelmä on nähdäkseni hyödytön, turha kulu ja saattaa jopa pahimmassa tapauksessa palvella lapsipornosta maksua periviä tahoja (olettamus).
Kuten Ruotsissa on ehdotettu, jossa vastaava järjestelmä on olemassa, muunkin materiaalin suodattamiseen voidaan siirtyä helpommin. Se alentaa kynnystä.
Kiinassa on muun muassa blokattu kaikki sivut joissa esiintyy sana demokratia (huhun mukaan). Suomessa tilanne olisi hieman toisenlainen, suodatuksen perustuessa ip osoitteisiin tai nimiservereihin, mutta nämä listat ovat salaisia ja ne toimittaa poliisi. Markkinavoimien failsafe-järjestelmänä on yritysten vapaavalintaisuus noudattavatko he valtion toiveita. Jos siis narua kiristetään, voidaan aina kirjoittaa vihainen kirje operaattorille.
Salaisia listoja ei yleisö tunnetusti pääse tarkastamaan. Toivottavasti syy on se että Interpol on ne salaisiksi luokitellut.

Eduskunnassa tämä laki todennäköisesti juoksee läpi. Minä näen sen ensimmäisenä askeleena kohti internetin valvontaa Suomessa ja hivuttautumisena totaliaarista valtiota kohti. Minua se tönäisee hieman lähemmäs valtion vaihtoa ja molempien passieni polttamista.

- Piski

Ps. läksiäislahjana operaattorini serverihuone saa em flux-capacitorin, vielä kun siitä on informaatio kaikkien saatavilla. Kansallisen turvallisuuden perusteella voidaan kieltää monta asiaa kun huomataan että informaatiolla oikeasti voi pienikin kansalainen saada vahinkoa aikaan.

pps. fnord -varoitus.

ppps. muokattu 16.11, Tylpistetty kärkeä, rakennettu hieman varttakin, pehmennetty reunoilta, silti ei toimi. Kiitos ethi -kulta :)

pppps. Passieni polttamista ja maan vaihtamista olen suunnitellut jo aiemminkin, ei liity välttämättä pelkästään tähän asiaan.

Joskus yllättyyKeskiviikko 15.11.2006 19:38

Jos kus tosi aan yll ätt yy
Ja häm mäs tyy

Tribalism for better causeKeskiviikko 15.11.2006 00:57

Smoking issue in modern tribal society should be answered with method of infinite trial and error. Ingesting nicotine by smoking is unhealthy and affect our energy state. Still, this is preferred over other nicotine products because of it's value as passtime, an invocation ritual, concentration method etc. Nicotine use should be regulated to be used in only in needed basis. As an intelligence agent or tribal passtime for example. This should not be limited to time and place, but it also should be available by tribal agreement. Different needs would be different enviroments. For example, if nicotine use would be private, small room with commodities for one would be enough and all.
Everyone would have accepted rules of nicotine use. When someone does not accept the rule, new rule is needed. If someone breaks existing rule, no punishment is given, but new rule is needed. No old rule without alteriation could be used as a rule. It's the rule.

In this way that modern tribal society will exist as constantly searching healthiest and mostly accepted way to regulate nicotine use.
If accepted for long term experiment, for 20 years for example, we could follow developement of the rule and the society which lives by the rule.
At best it leads to society where everyone would self regulate use by the rule as habit. At worst it would mean 20 years of trying to find healthiest rule to smoking, probably limiting tribe members nicotine use to healthiest minimum.

To be noted, when used within ritual, the amount of nicotine product should be decided personally by each user. Method and means of consumption can be various, or limited by the rule.

Modern tribal society means post 20th century small society serving a common goal by regulating itself within government of mundane.

RmM - absurdio!yawa

[Ei aihetta]Keskiviikko 08.11.2006 01:41

All those dead doctors answering me in chorus,
wolff, leary, even the subordinate twist of lilly's,
talking dolphins, omnipotent plants, nirvana.

Equilibrium of all, chaos without an end.
They say time is speeding up. How can one measure such?
Everything everywhere is a system, to keep everything in balance.
After man has accumulated everything there is, and made it to things he hardly needs,
we soon need to begin doing such things from those things we really need.

but this is also an mere abstraction.

Total control over everything that can be transformed into something
we look as valuable, and sold forth. Eventually we need to pick up the
scraps and find a way how to make trees from them.

and another, almost pointless abstraction.

All that is happening is overwhelming me. I think I could just scream
against all their faces like a madman, but I think they would believe that I'm gone mad.
I can picture it.
Disbelief other than mine ripping my mind to pieces. All that I once thought as negative human emotions, screaming over snow, pushing my mind to ground. Destroying compassion.

I wish not ill. I wont do much good from inside of an institution. And Jesus is not going to save me this time.

But in the end this all doesn't add up, now does it?
Religion is needed when you realize that you wont survive after all.
Panic ensued after realizing that not-being is closer for many more than most think.
Religion is in the picture, because conciousness-object is afraid of not being an conciousness or object.
But Nirvana is conciousness-without-an-object. Conciousness-without-an-object is.

At this point I must agree with you, dear dead doctors.
Hindus were right, so were the shamans we don't hear anymore.
My search has found a level of information in human-created-universe, from which I can continue after gaining my strength back.

My mind is tired,
still I long for physical experiments,
with conciousness.

Experience is tension between who sees and what is seen.
Those who I think I am are only byproducts made for this world.

Sounds crazy? It all is subjective.