Half of smokers die coz of tobacco, but life takes everyone

[Ei aihetta]Sunnuntai 29.10.2006 01:43

After the first snow, when first darkness falls,
apathy is first to come.
But also heeded is the call, by a lightbringer,
in a forest far away.
Lucifer is the one, to summon the light to the people,
and with high hope and wish, to vanguish the god.


[Ei aihetta]Lauantai 21.10.2006 04:18

Over the bridge, path of the year.
global communications, two encounters with my father,
a female, and a planeride.
Something more, but moonlight was too pale.

That's it.

.dkk.Torstai 19.10.2006 23:01

idealism seems to jump on to people, but it is a lie.
It creeps along with the darkest shadows of humankind.
Light is the one which jumps on to people.
It's brightness revealing the shadows,
cast in the cracks of walls.


[Ei aihetta]Perjantai 13.10.2006 16:18

I hate the jester. It's like he wouldn't understand limitations of physical world.
Jester hurts people. Jester makes me feel bad about myself.
People see only me, not the jester, when he acts. I hate the jester.

.I am sorry, the jester is not.

suddenly you become aware how your life is tied to great secret.
Road was calling you to see what is in that forest.
Behind the forest was great mountain. You climbed to the top.
From there you saw the forest and beyond.

"Perhaps there is greater mountain, from where you can see beyond the beyond" you thought.
And where people were willing to listen, you told them about the mountain.

Jester / RMM
is there third?

[Ei aihetta]Lauantai 30.09.2006 15:51

We are universe experiencing himself.
1 and 2 becomes X, there is only is and is not.
Fourth step lost in action, being the action.
Longing is universes wish to be not.
Impossible to gain, promising everything.
It's the holy grail which everyone is pursuing.
Holy Grail, the one that cannot be gotten, because it exists only to be pursued after, not to be hold.

And we only want to hold it once.

For strength and wisdom, for guidance in the dark,
numbers of fibonacci, divided by golden cut.

The universe. To exist. To create. To procreate.

Tiger's stripes | Ramblings of the madmanPerjantai 11.08.2006 10:30

Last day at work.
I was late.
I forgot my breakfast.
Tiger can't change it's stripes.

If there is a reason for tiger have it's stripes, by what twist of nature did it come to that.
They say that it is so that the prey wouldnt see tiger from the grass so easily. How did this prey affect on tiger's fysiology?

After getting away or being catched, tell's tiger that it might have better changes catching food if camouflaged to it's surroundings?
Israel aloitti laajan maahyökkäyksen
9.8.2006 23:00

Israel on aloittanut laajan maahyökkäyksen Hizbollah-sissejä vastaan. Israelin television mukaan panssarikolonnat ovat lähteneet liikkeelle syvemmälle Etelä-Libanoniin raskaan tykistötulen tukemana.


Tästä nyt jäi kuva että howitzerit laulaa taustalla tankkijonon vyöryessä eteenpäin. Kuka uskoo että sissisotaa käyvää pientä ryhmittymää vastaan tarvitsee tai edes voi menetellä näin? Kuulostaisi enemmänkin siltä että vastassa olisi järjestäytynyt sotajoukko. Libanonin armeija?

- Piski

!UnfuckinbelievableMaanantai 07.08.2006 14:27

-- Ehud Olmert

In an interview with Germany's Welt am Sonntag, Ehud Olmert asked, "Where do they get the right to preach to Israel?"

In contrast to his criticism of the European stance towards the conflict, Mr Olmert was full of praise for Washington.

"They don't criticise us," he said. "I wish other countries had the courage of president George W. Bush to tell the truth."

He rejected the suggestion that Israel was making itself hated in Lebanon by killing civilians.

"They hated Israel anyway, they gave shelter to Hezbollah. Some even hid the launch ramps for rockets in their houses to help Hezbollah", he said.

-- Condoleezza Rice

"We're trying to deal with a problem that has been festering and brewing in Lebanon now for years and years and years and so it's not going to be solved by one resolution in the Security Council," Ms Rice said according to the Jerusalem Post.

Näemmä poliittinen paskanjauhanta on päässyt pisteeseen että enää ei välitetä kuinka paljon valetta lausunnot sisältävät, tärkeintä että "virallisesti" näyttää hyvältä.

- Piski

Suosittelen. Vähän kuin viini, paranee iän myötä.

- Piski
Seuraavat joukkomurhan uhrit löytyvät Sidonin kaupungista, Israelin marssiessa Beirutiin.

Siviileistä välittämättä.

- Piski