Lisätty matkaviestimestäPerjantai 24.03.2006 03:12

Pain Confessor.. Ja taas yhdet 'avajaiset'

Avajaisia..Sunnuntai 19.03.2006 06:44

Kahdet baarin avajaiset tänä viikonloppuna. Uusi rockbaari yllätti viihtyisyydellään. Tänään oli sitten vuorostaan käytävä ratsaamassa trelainen Ruma. Loppuilta Hellässä kruunasi loisteliaan viikonlopun.

Lisätty matkaviestimestäSunnuntai 12.03.2006 04:22

PMMP Solmussa..
Tällainen putkahti Kanadasta pari viikkoa sitten ja ilmeisesti minut on haastettu vastaamaan, joten täältä pesee ja linkoaa.. the way.. my weird habbits Top 5 is now ready.. It's there earlier somewhere

..The First Thing That Comes To Mind..

Cake: --piece of.., birthday

Sex: --what's that..? I dunno..

You: --nightwalker

Sexy: --girls, eye contact

Grab: --snowboarding tricks

Fly: --away

Leaf: --lauantaipussi (brand of candy)

Cough: --flu

Talk: --with someone special

Time: --life is race against..

Snow: --snowboarding

Boy: --and the girl

Girl: --wish i have

Bird: --blue, eagle

Song: --last drop falls

Kill: --I'm a KILLER.. at least Kelsey thinks so

Carrot: --crunchy

Car: --BMW

Kiss: --Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons

Red: --reddeer, devil

Blue: --I'm blue

Autumn: --late autumn early winter -Viola-

Pink: --wild


Midi Or Strings/(Boxers Or Briefs): --have to say strings

Tall or Short: --shorter than me

Good or Bad: --more good than bad, little pit bad is cool, but not hardcore bad ass

Stubble or Neatly Shaved: --i don't understand the guestion..

Hot or Cute: --cute

Dark or Blonde Hair: --I like both but maybe dark

Curly or Straight Hair: --both are cool

Long or Short Hair: --long

Dark or light eyes: --light are sexy, no matter

Hat or no hat: --no hat

Freckles: --not preferably

Foreign accent or Canadian: --finnish, brogue of savo

What do you notice first about girls/(guys)? --eyes, smile, bottom

Six pack: --i don't care

Muscular arms: --rather not too muscular

Nerd/Jock/Musician: --musician is good

..About You..

Full Name: --Jani P. Savipuro (name maybe changed, and translated, and who cares 'bout a middlename)

Birthday: --6.6.69

Birthplace: --Ylöjärvi

Zodiac Sign: --taurus

Shoe Size: --42

Hair Color: --dark

Height: --174 km/2

Eye Color: --greenbrown

Current Location: --ööh..obviously the computer

Innie or Outie: --both

What Are You Wearing Right Now? --black slimmy T-shirt, black trousers

Pets: --don't have

Who Are Your Closest Friends? --haven't got any close ones

Piercings/Tatoos? --no

What Kind Of Shampoo Do You Use? --VO5

Have You Had The Chicken Pox? --no

What Schools Have You Gone To? --The Finnish School of Watchmaking

Last Person That Called You? --Kapa (Treme but I couldn't answer right that moment)

Makes You Happy? --MUSIC

Loudest Friend? --Bori alias Bade eli Möyserö (very loud when is drunk)

..Your Favorite..

Chocolate Bar: --Daim

Color: --black

Drink: --bacardicola, beer

Movie: --Breakfast Club

Day Of The Week: --friday saturday!

Place To Be: --Henry's Tre, Ylä-siili

Band(s): --Nightwish, Sonata Artica, Ultra Noir, Zombi, Sentenced.. too many to mention

Store: --antik-, music-

Pants: --blackjeans

Number: --13, 69

Food: --pizza

Boy's Name: --Anton

Girl's Name: --Nea

Subject In School: --drawing, gym

Animal: --python

Celeb: --

Sport: --snowboarding

Veggie: --

Food Place: --one japanese place in Paris (I don't remember the name)

Month: --may

Guitarist: --Alex Laiho

Cologne: --Boss

Deodorant/Perfume: --Boss


Green/Yellow: --green I think

Night/Day: --night, i like to go out for a walk in moonlight

Summer/Winter: --both..summer=motorcycling, winter=snowboarding

Black/White: --black

Juice/Pop: --juice

Makeup/Natural: --natural is pretty, but make up brings out the eyes

Chocolate/Candy: --chocolate

Gum/Mints: --

Walking/Driving: --driving, but in the night walking

Girls/Guys: --girls

Pen/Pencil: --pen

Sun or Rain: --dancing in rain when sun is shining

Scary or happy movies: --scary

Chocolate or white milk: --white milk

Mud or Jell-O wrestling: --mud

Silver or Gold: --silver, it's is more challenging to work with and pretty material

Diamond or Pearl: --diamond

Sunset or Sunrise: --sunset

Coke or Pepsi: --coke

Pants or Shorts: --pants

Cats or dogs: --both

Indoor or Outdoor: --both

..Are You..

Afraid of the Dark: --definedly not


Shy: --little bit yes

Afraid To Speak Your Mind:

In Love With Someone: --no (or maybe one girl I can't have so I've to forget her)

Single: --yes




Anorexic? --no

Good driver? --yes

Good actor/actress? --no

Good storyteller? --I'm boring

Depressed? --I'm, since last spring

Suicidal? --sometimes I feld that way but not anymore

..Do You..

Smoke: --no

Do Drugs: --no

Have A Lava Lamp? --no

Drink Alcohol: --too much these days


Have Any Habits:

Right Handed: --left

Get Along With My Parents: --yes

Get Along With My Sibling:

Hate Someone: --I can't hate anyone, even those I should

Hate Doing these Surveys:

Like Sports: --apsolutely yes

Want To Get Married: --I just dunno anymore

Want To Have Kids: --there was a time I wanted

..In The Past Month Have You..

Kissed Someone: --wish I had, but no

Been In Love: --no (exept that one I cannot have)

Eaten Ravioli: --no

Eaten Fries: --yes

Done Drugs: --noup

Drank Alcohol: --yes

Gone To A Party: --yes

Stolen Anything: --no

Had A Party: --no

Dyed Your Hair: --no

..The Last ... And What It Was..

Thing you ate: --lasagne

Song You Listened To: --Sacrament of Wilderness

You Drank: --Vichy Novelle

Letter You Wrote: --

Song You Sang: --Last Drop Falls

Time You Hugged Someone: --few days ago, friendly hug

Time You Kissed Someone: --over month ago

Time You Yelled At Someone: --last spring i guess

Time You Cried: --

Time You Swore: --yesterday

Movie You Watched: --

Time You Told Someone You Loved them: --too long time ago

Time You Tripped: --couple months ago

Person Who Broke Your Heart? --she knows

Who told you they loved you? --no one

..Have You Ever..

Given anyone a bath?

Bungee jumped?

Broken the law?

Made yourself throw-up?

Gone skinny dipping?

Been in the opposite sex's washroom?

Loved someone so much it made you cry?

Broken a bone?

Played truth or dare?

Gotten in a fight?

Been in a police car?

Been on a plane?

Come close to dying?

Been in a sauna?

Been in a hot tub?

Swam in the ocean?

Fallen asleep in school/work?

Ran away?

Cried when someone died?

Flashed someone?


Cried in school/work?

Laughed so hard you fell off your chair?

Fallen for your best friend?

Made out with JUST a friend?

Been in love? --Yes

Used someone? --NO, I've been used

Been cheated on? --yes, at least two girl have done that to me

Cheated on someone? --NEVER!!

Done something you regret? --meet wrong people

..What Is..

Best song you ever heard? --Last Drop Falls

Stupidest thing you have ever done? --born

Your room/apartment like? --too small all my things

Your most prized possession?

..Would You..

Eat a live hamster for $1,000,000?

Go to a Hanson concert if you had a free ticket?

Kill someone you didn't know for 15 billion dollars?

If you loved someone and you were keeping something from them and it would
hurt them if they found out, would you tell them?

..Final questions..

What are you listening to right now?

How many friends are on your list?

What do you like to do?

Hated someone in your family?

Dream Career:

Got any awards?

What are you most scared of?

What car do you wish to have?

Where do you want to get married?

If you could change anything about yourself, what would you change?

Last time you showered:

The last movie you saw at the theaters:

Ihme Ja Kumma..Tiistai 07.03.2006 13:11

Ex Työkaveri soitti, että olin saanut kirjeen nimelläni Sveitsistä/ Saksasta vanhaan työpaikkaani.. Heräsi välittömästi mielenkiinto. Vähän ihmetyttää mistä on kysymys, varsinkin kun aikaa on vierähtänyt parisen vuotta. Se selvinnee kun menen noutamaan kirjeen..

Guardian Angel..Maanantai 06.03.2006 17:15

Thank You my friend for watching me last night. I think You were my little Guardian Angel. I tryet, but I couldn't got sleep.. I just rolled around in bed and listened music. My thoughts was far away somewhere, and I was somehow confused. Suddenly I got up to change new CD. I'd left batteries in battery-charger earlier, and I noticed that they were ready. When I got better look, charger was almost in fire, plastic was partly melted.. and smelled as burning rubber. If I was sleeping, It might have set whole house on fire.. I decidet finally buy that fire alarm..

Lisätty matkaviestimestäMaanantai 27.02.2006 21:25

Tuota, tuli vähän myöhässä, mutta mitäs näistä..

Hockey And Metal In Tavastia...HelsinkiLauantai 25.02.2006 07:55

Finland 4-0 against Russians. Mokoma at stage after that. Awesome night. I've very good time!! Game back home about one hour ago, I'm so tired now. It's been a long day..
Uskomaton tunnelma oli kaikkien kannustaessa Suomea loppuun myydyllä Tavastialla, sitten loistokeikka päälle. Muistoksi jäi muutama kuva ja Mokoma-plektra.

Mikes Monster Jam Nite..Tiistai 21.02.2006 07:05

Oli taas loisto jamit Treella, juuri palasin kotiovesta sisään. Jälleen pääsi yleisön seasta halukkaat stagelle soittamaan/laulamaan. Uskomattoman mukaansa tempaavaa live-settiä. Hanoin Lacu on ilmiömäisen näyttävä ja hyvä rumpali ja oli jälleen paikalla. Oli pakko käydä vaihtamassa sananen ennen poistumistani ja kiittelemässä illasta. Ehkä taas ensi kerralla sinne..

The Challenge..Haaste..Maanantai 20.02.2006 03:59

Haha, Finland kicked Canadas ass 2-0 in hockey... what are you say about that.. Karley, Kelsey, Davin..?!?

Haaste, Challenge

Tehtävänanto, Commission:
I'll give away my five weird/strange habit. After that I'll choose five people, who I'll challenge to do same thing. They must write these rules also. I'll write those chosen ones names under this assignment. Also I'll let them know about this challenge to their commentary area.

1) --I've never cheated on any of my girls (strange thing in nowdays)

2) --I kind of 'play drums' with my teeth. (by cracking my teeth together)

3) --I used to sing when I drive on car and sometimes even when driving on motorcycle (when I'm driving alone of course). Also I whistle guitar-solos with music I listen to.

4) --I'm very neurotic delicate with my CD:s. One little scratch on CD and it's ruined. (heh, so you dont'n have to worry if you borrow me your CD:s..)

5) -- I'm just different, weird guy, so many thing so I can't tell all of them...

I've have no friends so I don't challenge anyone..

Ei vaa.. Karley and Kelsey, you can do this if you want..!