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Dear Dream Diary,Perjantai 25.05.2012 15:56

May 25th, 2012

I slept badly last night, very shallowly, which is probably one reason why my dreams took a turn to the weirder than usual. This time I was walking in Pori - on peg stilts. I was walking down Itäpuisto to Länsipuisto, when a couple of young boys cycled past me. One of them made a remark at how tall I was, but the other one wasn't convinced and said I was wearing stilts. Then he proceeded to sweep one of my legs right out from under me, and the stilt broke. Luckily, there was a fence nearby, and I could rebalance myself against it. Because this was dream world, I then jumped onto the fence and started hobbling along it, continuing on my way like a boss.

My destination was a street corner where there was a shopping cart full of DVDs, including "Amusement" (2008), which I've actually seen and liked. Another was a movie of the same name, but it doesn't exist in reality. My mind just made it up, and at least judging by the DVD's cover, it was a very disturbing film, indeed, for the cover reminded that of "Killer Klowns From Outer Space" (1988).

Suddenly, while I was browsing the DVDs on the shopping cart, a police officer came by. I hadn't done anything illegal, but for some reason he wanted me to come with him to the rundown apartment building on that street corner. If the building had looked ominous on the outside, the inside was straight from a horror flick. Everything was decaying, the wooden stairs were rotten so you had to watch your step, and the musky smell of mold was overpowering. When we finally reached the top floor, there was a black family whose son was dying. He was covered in disgusting boils that were oozing pus. I remember being very nauseated by all this and trying to get to the roof for some fresh air, but the door was stuck. Luckily, I woke up at that point, which was my "escape" from the disturbing situation, I think.

I also think the reason why such foul things came into my dreams, was because of Wycked 's blog entry from yesterday where she wrote about trypophobia. Some of the pictures I googled were just sickening. Ugh. But no hard feelings, girl. I should've taken heed of your warning and not searched for it. =P

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