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I'm a little late..Tiistai 26.02.2008 02:18


I haven't updated for a few days, and it means that I also haven't said happy birthday to someone who had their birthday the day before yesterday - meaning the 23th of February. So now, to correct my error:

ハッピーバースディ亀梨和也さん!! ☆⌒★(^ _ ^)∠⌒★:゚*☆

And for everyone not understanding Japanese, it was KAT-TUN's Kamenashi Kazuya -san's birthday on February the 23th. y(^___^)y

He's 22-years-old now. That's three years older than me~~ I wonder if he threw a big birthday party.. *フフフ* ( ̄∀ ̄) And if he (and his friends) had an awful hangover yesterday.. XDD

『A little random note @ this point: I can't write/think/speak English properly anymore! Everything comes as Engrish. Damn Japanese! (>___<) For example, when I was writing this exact note, it wanted to come out as: "A rittaa randomu nooto @ kono poonto. Ai kaanto wuraito/tsinku/supiikku Ingurisho puropaari enimooru!" <- Terrible, isn't it? XP』

Back to the main teema. 『Heeh, ette ehkä tienneet, mutta "teema" tarkoittaa samaa japaniksi ja suomeksi. Taas yksi yhteinen sana. ^^』 ~~>

マーマー。。 It's really funny how I first totally disliked Kame and Jin, because they were the most popular on KAT-TUN, and everyone adored them like crazy. I've always fought against the mainstream, so it came naturally that I didn't like them. But now I don't have just one favourite (it used to be Junno-chan), but I like every one of them - more or less.

仁君。。『Jin』 is the most complicated case in my book. I like him a lot - when he's not overdoing it. If you know what I mean.. 『Probably not, so I'll explain.』 I'm talking about his übersexed image, which is hawt to a certain point, but after crossing that line it just becomes f*cking annoying, and I'm like "Please, stop it. I don't wanna see." Unfortunately, most of the fangirls love it when he swings his hips like hell, but I don't find it appealing. I appreciate Jin a whole lot more for his singing skills - I swear, it's _awesome_ when he sings soprano in Never Again... (☆__☆) Of course it's hot to see him dancing like that, but.. JOTAIN RAJAA! (>___<) XDD

Why am I talking about Jin, and not the birthday boy..? *LoL* I am made of lose. ▼ω▼ Anyways, so Kame-kun.. Hahahaa, he's like 木村拓哉さん『Kimura Takuya』, who I find kinda hot yeah, and he really has a good singing voice, but DAMN, the man's scary! XDD It's the same with Kame-kun. But I've learnt to like him very much, thanks to 野ブタ。をプロデュース『Nobuta wo Produce』, where he acted as Kiritani Shuji. Like anyone didn't know that already.. xP

What I've seen, Kamenashi-kun is very into what he does, and wants to perfect his doings. And he seems to be kinda ambitious too.. I hope it won't cause him any troubles in the long run, because after all, he is a very sweet guy, and I wish him all the luck and love in the world! 頑張って下さいね!! d(O^__^O)y

Ok, that's it for this time 『it seems to be the 26th already』, till next time!

じゃね! (^__^)/

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