found the deep love inside
With a long pause, I'm gonna write a little of memories I want to keep.

Me and my friend Tom jumped into our car straight after the school and drove to Prague. We've stopped in Ikea (Swedish shop) which reminded me a lot of Vantaa's airport - those gifts You can buy there is the same like at Vantaa except the fact, it's Swedish and not Finnish :(
I was hopeless lost in my memories for Finland and ahead me was a gig with lots of Finnish people!
Then I was supposed to navigate from Ikea (at the suburb of Prague) into the city center to Congress Center. That was funny, all the time I was like "What? We've already passed it?", on the map is everything so far away than in the reality, I only forgot!
We found it soon, got a free spot on a parking lot and went to wait in the crowd inside the Congress Center.
We've just sit down on the stairs and not even 2 mins and somebody was coming my way. I asked unsurely: "Klary, is it You?" It was really my friend from Prague, we haven't seen each other for a year and suddenly without any previous warning she was there! I was so damn happy to see and talk to her but she didn't have ticket yet (but bought it afterwards). And then she told us to go to the front of thecrowd, there were my other friends from TR forum. I dunno for how long we have been talking until they let us in. Wooohoo, I was in the second row but had an amazing overview of the stage.
It was all crazy, really.
The support band was Sturm und Drang. I've heard about them like a year ago but told to myself: "They are too young to listen to them." Yeah at that time I didn't like tehir music but now, after I've seen them rocking their lives out on stage I can't stom listen to their album.
Even though the album is as good as they are live, but still. My favourite song is definitely The Raven and Indian. But at the same time, this band reminds me of the very very sad times of Tuusula killer :((( Maybe because boys from SuD are so young and also their lyrics are sometimes a bit too desperate...
And then Apocalyptica came!
I've saw them for the first time in my life and definitely no way to regret it. I loved it especially Bittersweet and Life burns, I've enjoyed the song as hell, rocking my soul out from my body, jumping, singing and shaking my head like a crazy one.
I shouldn't have done that, after the gig me and my friend couldn't even move, all our bodies were in pain and especially our necks from that headbanging :)
But we found our way back to home and ahead me were three days of problems but this event was SO WORTH IT!
Thank You everyone, esp. Tom, Klara, Kati, Anush and Apo for everything!

PS: The fans around me was so damn sweet, I love them! Greets to them!

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