found the deep love inside

Killpretty!!!Maanantai 30.07.2007 13:18

My new discovery lol
I was just browsing my pics of Negative which I took at Myötätuulirock and Antti had a t-shirt with this band so finally I managed to search for them online and woah, let me fade away to their music world :P

such a perfect week...Perjantai 20.07.2007 22:22

on Monday I got sun burnt pretty much and today I got bitten by wasp, it still hurts
just as I could hear Peta saying: You should be more carefull *rolling my eyes*
oh yeah, I know, but Your words come up to my mind always when I get some wound

and about Brno, well, I so squeezed up by the heat, I'm sorry, I can't come, I will be recovering from a very demanding week *how much I hate those high temperatures!!!*
but enjoy as much as You caaaaan :P

stunningPerjantai 13.07.2007 20:59 shot by my friend
I know he's an actor but...
can't stop watching the video and mostly listening to the song, it became my fave now

dreamTiistai 10.07.2007 12:47

was weird, I couldn't fall asleep first, so I fell asleep in the morning and then woke up by a dream:
me and some younger girl, probably my friend, were walking the streets and under some bridge there was a car accident and a young girl was lying on the ground, around her people and ambulance and so we went away from the place and went to a shop where we were looking for an Angel, maybe the Angel was supposed to save the life of the girl and some man was there and said, she won't live and so I told him with anger that she has to, she won't DIE
then me and my friend went to some old manufacture in the night, I got locked in some house and couldn't get out of it but suddenly, it was open, and meanwhile my young friend was trying to save the soul of the wounded lady because there was an old woman (Death) who tortured the young lady soul to death but my friend was trapped when she wanted to run away so I had to go and in the last second I took her away through a little window and then, I don't know, I woke up, but I guess we had to kill the woman
well, when I woke up, I felt really bad and scared and maybe even angry but now, gonna work and meet a friend so can't wait

new dayMaanantai 09.07.2007 23:04

is up (for quite long time now heh) and yesterday's emotional break is gone

I'm just working on my new website (*headesk*) because when I create a layout and like it, I found it not perfect and start again and it goes like that always and I'm running out of ideas :(
but I like it anyway, hope to get some money soon to be able to buy some little stones :D hehe to make new clothes and new pair of gloves would be cool either, I know, it's just summer, but it's cheaper than later :)
well, that's all about what's going on, of course, those 'dreams' that I will start to learn Spanish and Finnish again and more English... hope it will come true either soon but not before I will make the website lol

have a great new week and sleep tight *:D it just come up to my mind PL's song*

PlaceboMaanantai 09.07.2007 01:50

I know I know, again, but tonight... (sweet memories of this gig, unforgetable)
ahhh, I feel so down, not because of myself but my friends, after such a long time I have a chance to talk to them and we talk about everything and... I'm so sorry for them, I mean, they all are fine more or less, some problems, but what made me sad was what my brother said: Why is she living like that? Where is the use of it?, he can't understand, he has everything, beloved family, who cares about him but there are people who has no family and most of the time they feel insecurity and pain,
but I'm so happy someone else saved me from this heavy what I felt on my heart, just one pic, and I'm alive again, not that I feel happy again, the heavy is still there but I can't feel it that much

and why Placebo, well, I'm listening to Blind, it's such an amazing song, I mean, Brian's voice and watching live vids (mostly made by my friend) and simply all in all = pain, hurt, unfair, and even though it's not about me, I don't experience anything like that now, I feel it for my friends

I'm so sorry for this post but I had to write it down

gonna check more Blind live vids... and get more depressed, wish this would help to those who needs it

Placebo tonightTorstai 05.07.2007 01:32

ahh.. probably they are just performing in Slovakia festival, maybe not yet
but it's great to spend evening with their live records and feel almost like I'd be there
actually I don't regret I'm not there, I enjoyed them last month and lots of new things happened to me, so no need for a gig of Placebo right now... okey okey, if there would be Manboy again, I'd go and nothing could stop me, even the lack of money in my pocket lol
but while I was listening to those live songs of Placebo, I suddenly realise how thankful I am for my life, okey, it's nothing special but also nothing bad, it's like me and other people create it, nothing more nothing less and I can't expect unexpected when I don't do anything for it
on the other hand I'm so glad I know what I know, I know who I know, I mean, even though it sounds silly, but I'm just listening to Reflexion (after like half a year again) and I'm so glad I know their music, of course, it's silly and not important but it makes me feel good and other people would say they don't mind not knowing them, of course, because they wouldn't mean anything to them, it's just about finding what you like and enjoy it
oh, rather don't read this, my mind is quite sleepy and again I'm writing things what comes up to my mind so it's messy lol

see you all at the weekend on MSN .-) ..........caaaan't wait hope it won't be raining (if there is a storm, I have to switch off my PC :( )

Hyvää kesääLauantai 30.06.2007 23:08

I forgot (of course, my old brain) to wish YOU ALL a great summer holiday and lots of fun!!!

missingLauantai 30.06.2007 00:16

"If you love somebody, let them go
If they return, they were always yours
If they don't, they never were"

quote from my sis journal:

I like this quote a lot, maybe it's even true, I mean, Ville wrote me a msg that he will be back in September, you don't even know how much I wanted him to stay, that I'd be the reason for him to stay in Czech and ... he will come back, not because of me, but anyway
but I finally managed to get over him and I thought I will never ever be able, but it is like this and he is just a sweet memory with bitter taste but nothing else
the cure - Hell-sin-ki - was amazing and once again it helped me to be there
kiitos kaikille, love you

and yeah, I have busy time now, lots of things to do and I wanna do lots of things either, so please be patient with my replies, I'm just trying to find time to write you and trust me, I do wanna write you lots of things from my heart, just need the time
and I'm preparing a new website of my own and you know, I will put reviews, pics, vids and more there, but I didn't even have time to think about the layout yet, so it will take time 'till I start with that but I can't already wait, I need to create something again, I miss it a lot

so koita parjäillä (hope it's written like that) everyone and give me a bit of time, I miss you all

Hyvaa Juhannus Paivaa kaikilleLauantai 23.06.2007 21:07

PS: I'm coming back home on 26th of June but at home I will be actually on 28th