found the deep love inside

Mika WaltariTiistai 29.01.2008 19:46

Oh finally I managed to read his book. It's actually 3 in 1, I would translate it as 'Kolme kertaa komisario Palmu', in Czech 'Třikrát komisař Palmu'. Even though I love detective stories and details, but this was too much and too many characters that I got lost, but in the end, all in all, it was very interesting to read esp. when all the crimes happened in Helsinki. Well, in the last story the murder happened in Kaivopuisto... hehe I was there, at the crime scene lol :D

Then I started to update my site with translations and the most beautiful song is Tahdon rakastella sinua...... and along this I came back to Technicolour and my memories.

Přeji hodně štěstí všem, kdo se letos hlásí na Finštinu do Prahy, teda pokud ji otevírají, to netuším!!! Já to vzdávám a nejdu ani na Překlady a tlumočení do Olomouce, kam jsem chtěla.

Hehe, now I'm listening to Mozart... well... interesting lol but still I prefer to watch the new video of 30stm A beautiful lie

Today... tomorrow... Toyota lolTiistai 08.01.2008 21:03

Awwww, I'm just so happy today, okey, I could be more (my desperate missing of Helsinki) but this video made my day, I love Armo and this version is.... unique and to hear Jussi singing in English one of my fave songs, I was suprised how much I like Jussi's 'English' voice, I mean, I've never actually think too much about what if they sing in English, but I'm glad I can say I really like it thx to this gently way it was given to me :)
I'm back home from skiing course (lol) and supposed to learn for exams but, You know, one more great thing, I'm heading for a gig finally, 15-4-2008 in Vienna..... my beloved Kill Hannah will ignite my heart and I made a promise to myself to get to Helsinki (I almost write Heslinki buuuut, it sounds cool right, HeSLinki loooool) but after I earn money for it which will be after summer in UK... well, I have tons of plans so I cross my fingers for living all my dreams this year and to You all I wish the same... follow Your heart wherever You might be

btw. I like the new album of Delta Goodrem and it's a pleasure to hear new Shamrain, I think I will cry along the songs with all the memories connected to that time I got into this band

PS 2: and I wrote TamEPre instead of Tampere :( WTH

Kun Joulu on...Tiistai 25.12.2007 22:28

awwww... I'm with Tatu ja Patu Suomessa, kiitos perhelle (is it right?) ah I'm thankful for everything suddenly, really, I miss my beloved people (even though I'm with my Czech family now) and I miss experience, life... action, let's freeze the time for the whole January and start again in February... I need to finally release a bit of my life...
Hope everyone got their e-card and greeting, miss You

PS: I'm still proud many of today's teeneagers from my country is so creative and inventive, love Your work and keep on doing this world brighter!

Weird dreamSunnuntai 02.12.2007 19:52

was on 28-11-07
I knew it was 14 days after the Tuusula incident but in my dream I didn't notice that.
Somebody was holding a newspaper where I saw only the headline which said that the killer in the school is sorry about what he had done.

I don't know why I had this dream, maybe it was a msg from him that he really is sorry and I really hope he is, but maybe just a part of my mind wanted to stop my feelings for this incident.

and this dream was followed by another one, a cruel one, I can't understand it why on THAT day
With a long pause, I'm gonna write a little of memories I want to keep.

Me and my friend Tom jumped into our car straight after the school and drove to Prague. We've stopped in Ikea (Swedish shop) which reminded me a lot of Vantaa's airport - those gifts You can buy there is the same like at Vantaa except the fact, it's Swedish and not Finnish :(
I was hopeless lost in my memories for Finland and ahead me was a gig with lots of Finnish people!
Then I was supposed to navigate from Ikea (at the suburb of Prague) into the city center to Congress Center. That was funny, all the time I was like "What? We've already passed it?", on the map is everything so far away than in the reality, I only forgot!
We found it soon, got a free spot on a parking lot and went to wait in the crowd inside the Congress Center.
We've just sit down on the stairs and not even 2 mins and somebody was coming my way. I asked unsurely: "Klary, is it You?" It was really my friend from Prague, we haven't seen each other for a year and suddenly without any previous warning she was there! I was so damn happy to see and talk to her but she didn't have ticket yet (but bought it afterwards). And then she told us to go to the front of thecrowd, there were my other friends from TR forum. I dunno for how long we have been talking until they let us in. Wooohoo, I was in the second row but had an amazing overview of the stage.
It was all crazy, really.
The support band was Sturm und Drang. I've heard about them like a year ago but told to myself: "They are too young to listen to them." Yeah at that time I didn't like tehir music but now, after I've seen them rocking their lives out on stage I can't stom listen to their album.
Even though the album is as good as they are live, but still. My favourite song is definitely The Raven and Indian. But at the same time, this band reminds me of the very very sad times of Tuusula killer :((( Maybe because boys from SuD are so young and also their lyrics are sometimes a bit too desperate...
And then Apocalyptica came!
I've saw them for the first time in my life and definitely no way to regret it. I loved it especially Bittersweet and Life burns, I've enjoyed the song as hell, rocking my soul out from my body, jumping, singing and shaking my head like a crazy one.
I shouldn't have done that, after the gig me and my friend couldn't even move, all our bodies were in pain and especially our necks from that headbanging :)
But we found our way back to home and ahead me were three days of problems but this event was SO WORTH IT!
Thank You everyone, esp. Tom, Klara, Kati, Anush and Apo for everything!

PS: The fans around me was so damn sweet, I love them! Greets to them!

[Ei aihetta]Sunnuntai 11.11.2007 18:25

They say, You should meet positive people and find only positive things in Your life and that You should avoid negative aspects. But that's not true! We, who can be optimistic and positive most of the time, we have to help those, who can't be happy for some reasons, then we will avoid those sad happenings when someone with negative experiences, negative thoughts will kill those around him!

R.I.P. TuusulaPerjantai 09.11.2007 22:07

What a crazy and sad week!
On Monday Apocalyptica's gig in Prague = AMAZING, and then, on Wednesday...
I got to know about Tuusula's incident on Thursday at work but I burst into tears...
I know, people can't imagine how something like this can take me so much from my heart and I can't explain, but anytime I just think about it, tears were falling down my cheeks.
And if I imagine that my Finnish family children can experience soemthing like that?!!!!! Plus I have some 'friends' in Tuusula and it was like if it would happen in Prostějov (my hometown). I have some feelings for that town even though I'm not there. Plus I can't understand why Finns have so much guns at home when the criminality is so low???
And the most worst thing is that goddamn man who damaged so much lives shot himself = where is the responsibility??? He was supposed to take everything what he has done to pay for!!!
Even today I've felt bad, so at least I will burn a candle for the victims and tehir families and will hope that there will be NEVER EVER an incident like that!!!

I found it...Lauantai 15.09.2007 20:45

hehe, not really, but I bumped into other one:

Natasha Bedingfiled - Soulmate [how pertinently]

who doesn't long for someone to hold
who knows how to love you without being told
somebody tell me why I'm on my own
if there's a soulmate for everyone

And I was just staring at my Oletuskuva and I can't believe it's me on the pic. It's like it is somebody completely different, somebody who is infinitely happy, there's the positive energy coming out from the pic... how different to what I feel like these weeks and I know it won't fade away, it will when I get to my heaven aka Hell-sin-ki
well, that's life, that's fine, thank God there is still Armo for me :D

CONGRATULATION Pee, at least it's over!

I wish I could find a song...Tiistai 04.09.2007 17:20

which would describe yesterday!

I don't know what happened, everything was too fast. And what's ridiculous, I went almost 200 km to the city where I study just for one hour O.o
They just announced us that we have a week more off, GREAT! Yeah, it is great but they could tell us sooner not after 3 hours in a car.
So I've spend probably the most scary and hectic day of my life. But I survived and it's fine now, I'm at home :D
But sth else also happened yesterday, I mean, it just... well, imagine nobody ever cares about You so You learnt to handle everything on Your own and suddenly a Star will rise up just for You, the Star will change Your life upside down but in the very best meaning and You feel GREAT and then, the Star will stop shining for You, slowly but surely and then it disappears from Your sight without saying goodbye but after some time the Star will give You hope again that it will start to shine again for You and finally here comes the day which was yesterday for me when this hope went gone, forever.
Still it's ridiculous, I had to smile everytime I got a flashback of him or a word NEVER appeared in front of my eyes because even if he'd come back again we have NOTHING to say to each other.
Maybe a letting go is easier without saying a single bye

...this is the last time...Sunnuntai 02.09.2007 18:09

This is the last time
through hell, I've seen your insides
Tear out your eyes tonight, you'll see
Is this where my angel lies?
I've cut you up to see me
Am I worth a thousand lies?
Infect your perfect sliced up skin

It's raining in cuts so bright,
The screaming soothes the anger
I've never been so scared alive
When friends that crash goodbye
Their soul will change the future
and that's where the beauty in death resides
Infect your perfect sliced up skin

Save the rain he's alive

Friends that crash goodbye
Your soul will change the future
and that's where the beauty in death resides
Infect your perfect sliced up skin

You wrote the book on silent eyes
And I wrote this song to say goodbye
This is the last time that I'll cry

Aiden - Silent eyes

well actually it's not that much LAST TIME, but at least for a week it is and I feel.... I dunno mixture of sadness and You know, be so far away from everything again and be put into nothing again
but okey, the school starts tomorrow, so have a great time You all and hug