found the deep love inside

Team buldingLauantai 26.09.2009 14:50

Paint ball it is :P It will be lots of fun, can't wait!

And yeah huge thanks to that boy who washed the dishes, I was actually speechless by this action :D

edit: it was really great! though I got 4 bruises, but it was fun and twice I was left in the field alone 'cos everybody else was 'dead'. Though I was thinking why I'm even going there when I do not like guns/army, but it was too late when I discovered this, lol.
Anyway, I've tried it and it was so much fun. Thank you anyone!

[Ei aihetta]Sunnuntai 20.09.2009 23:58

Ahh, just got Private Line and Gemini V into my mp3 player and it's sooo nostalgic but sooo great :P

[Ei aihetta]Lauantai 19.09.2009 04:00

Tired as hell, but suprisingly calm :P

Anyway thank you Pee for the week in Finland, it was a very new experience for me and I do not regret it at all!

Acid Black CherryLauantai 05.09.2009 22:08

I can't simply pass this song without posting it:

Enchanting lyricsTiistai 01.09.2009 12:56

The clock stops moving
This strange dinner quietly continues
As if its trying to undress something

Whether or not we understand each other
Even if we closed our mouths
Is a question that probably has no answer
So we should at least huddle our bodies together

I'm very scared of gentle things
And I end up crying, because youre gentle
Don't dance all by yourself
Just so that no one gets hurt
Please waltz with me

When this winter is over
Even the frozen birds will fall without thawing
Uncertainty keeps them grounded

How much further can we walk?
I'm sure you'd say that you would walk
To the ends of the earth
While shaking off the temperature of it all

I know the day will come
When I lose you, youre full of sadness
So why am I still trying to living my life?
Even though I dont believe in anything
I still harbor such lonely hope

I'm very scared of gentle things
And I end up crying, because youre gentle
Dont dance all by yourself
Just so that no one gets hurt

I'm burning in a mysterious fire

Cry out and call my name
Even if its just once, even if its the last
Don't dance all by yourself
Just so that no one gets hurt
Now waltz with me

Please waltz with me

zajímavéMaanantai 31.08.2009 01:22

během týdne jsem viděla své srdce svázané nití a propícahné skrz na skrz jehlou na jejím konci,
dnes jsem viděla svůj sen tříštit se v prach
copak asi přijde následující týden? myslíš, že tuším, naprostá nevědomost, co s tímto vzácným a drahým životem, přeji si, abych to už konečně nalezla, ale ono ne a ne, uniká mi to mezi prsty ...

Rýžový čajSunnuntai 30.08.2009 14:23

Tak jsem si s mamkou uvařila zelený čaj do rýžové čajové konvičky z Číny a zanedlouho ho budeme popíjet z těch legračně prťavých šálečků :D
Škoda jen, že si k tomu nemůžeme i tak sednout.
No doufám, že jednou ochutnáme i rýžový čaj, který je sice asi 4x dražší než normální, ale ochutnat bych ho moooc chtěla :P

week is goneLauantai 29.08.2009 02:44

This was interesting one and boring at the same time.

On Tuesday I had lots ot fun with my Dutch friends, thank you Tessa for seeing you for the first time after 5 years of our friendship! Walking in Prague was demanding, but the water thingy was great. But I didn't catch my bus back home so I had to buy new ticket for next one. Fortunately there was a last vacant seat. So I jumped in and next to me sit a boy, Milan his name was, and we've chatted the whole way (3hours) :D It was lovely!
But back in Brno I didn't catch my bus to my hometown so I stayed at Pee's home (hehe sth like peace home :P). It was even more fun :P Thank you a lot, you asved me once again!
But although bad things happened to me, I mean I lost my bus, it made new coincidences like meeting new people and having lots of fun which I lacked a lot.

But after that it was a bit like hell at work. Mut anyway, it's gone now and I don't want think about it.
Just 2 weeks not even yaaay :P

Thursday nightSunnuntai 16.08.2009 01:14

So we went out with my colleagues as every Thursday, but this was special, because three of them had birthday so we celebrated it!
I had nice time, but I knew I wouldn't have a great time, I knew that. So the first thing in the morning was that I 'asked', well, I wished to meet some Japanese people in the club, but during the day I forgot about it.
I was having fun and around 1am on Friday I noticed some Asian people at the bar. I was shocked, grabbed my opportunity and spent next 2 hours in a really great chat with Yuko from Osaka!
The best thing was, that my friend whose place I was staying at couldn't believe when she saw me with Japanese because she knew about my 'wish' :D
Hope this 'technique' will work everytime on anything :P

And at work, it's very demanding, sometimes I lose my nerves and attention, it's a lot of work, no fun but well, pretty soon we're going to have holiday :P
And on Tuesday 25th I'm going to see Tessa for the first time (after 4 or 5 years!!!). I cannot wait.