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Today... tomorrow... Toyota lolTiistai 08.01.2008 21:03

Awwww, I'm just so happy today, okey, I could be more (my desperate missing of Helsinki) but this video made my day, I love Armo and this version is.... unique and to hear Jussi singing in English one of my fave songs, I was suprised how much I like Jussi's 'English' voice, I mean, I've never actually think too much about what if they sing in English, but I'm glad I can say I really like it thx to this gently way it was given to me :)
I'm back home from skiing course (lol) and supposed to learn for exams but, You know, one more great thing, I'm heading for a gig finally, 15-4-2008 in Vienna..... my beloved Kill Hannah will ignite my heart and I made a promise to myself to get to Helsinki (I almost write Heslinki buuuut, it sounds cool right, HeSLinki loooool) but after I earn money for it which will be after summer in UK... well, I have tons of plans so I cross my fingers for living all my dreams this year and to You all I wish the same... follow Your heart wherever You might be

btw. I like the new album of Delta Goodrem and it's a pleasure to hear new Shamrain, I think I will cry along the songs with all the memories connected to that time I got into this band

PS 2: and I wrote TamEPre instead of Tampere :( WTH

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