found the deep love inside

Won't let go by NegativePerjantai 28.03.2008 16:58

is a really nice song, not so addictive like Planet of the sun was, but still, I can't wait
btw. this year is in the name of so many new album releases like Reflexion, Snipe Drive, The Rasmus etc. etc.

in the song 'Won't let go' Jonne sings he "won't let go of the dreams that he was dreaming" and that line brought me to the point of my pointless surviving... "what I was dreaming about?" who knows, but I'm desperate of not knowing what to do next, everything seems to stop at some point and not grow on, I will have to get rid of this mood as soon as possible unless I will gone mad, because this "nothing-to-do" is already too much for me and I need to do something, no matter what, desperately!!!

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