found the deep love inside
What to say? I was there, almost. It was livestreamed on some finnish site and I couldn't hear Naked, only Uniklubi but with not the best view but anyway have some notes to it.

The setlist was:
Hetki Hiljaisuutta
Kiertää Kehää
Näiden Tähtien Alla
Ei Kukaan
Rakkautta ja Piikkilankaa
Kaikki Mitä Mä Annoin
Hetki Hiljaisuuta (a bit mixed with some new notes?)

Well, have to say, they didn't bent at the end of the show as many bands do (as I know every band do) this as a thanx for fans. At least I didn't see them to do it.
Still it's amazing to hear them live and it was a nice gig, Janne with the fly's sunglasses and Teemu, well, he looks good with the haircut.
I know, all of this is for you just normal, but as I'm not in the news about the guys, I've seen it for the first time now.
Oh and Antti, it really fits him!
But most beautiful was the sound and voice of course. Nothing else.
I noticed that there will NEVER EVER be Vienna anymore. I know, never say never, but I do know it will never be like that.
In Vienna everything was new, now, everything seems so normal.
I was staring at the PC screen, watching the gig and I realized that: "I can't believe I've seen them live in front of my eyes for several times now!"
It seems like it never happened and it's all only somewhere on the paper, on the photographes and yeah, in my mind but how can I trust my mind?
And I think the best I can do is to keep on concentrating only on their music, anything else, 1st have no time and 2nd it only hurts after some time.
Hope somebody recorded the gig coz I couldn't since my connection is too slow becoz of the end of the month and my download limit already expired.
Only now I feel a bit weird, maybe sad about the past like it's gone and it will never be the same again :-(
Oki, whoever read this, 'keep it unreal'

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