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In the 1938 destruction of Czechoslovak state by Nazi Germany and her Fascist Slovak and Hungarian allies and more-and-more close collaborator, hard line Right-wing authoritarian Poland, the greatest concern for Poles was of how little land area they managed to steal from Czechoslovakia from collaboration with Nazi Germany in this criminal act in which the only democratic country in eastern Europe was destroyed by its warmongering and/or opportunistic neighbours.
One year later the Poles now found themselves in position of Czechoslovaks. Sometimes greedy one-eyed beasts, like Endecja Poland, meet with hard ending when stronger beasts seek new prey.
Afterwards Poles created myth of "First to fight" to portray themselves as the first nation to rise against Hitler. I think we need to give history lesson for those very patriotic Poles who always see their country doing only the right thing and suffering for others.

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