these moments given are a gift from time

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school day overTiistai 01.12.2009 00:37

boring, tired
car came

living in FinlandSunnuntai 29.11.2009 16:30

we are the kids in Finland
we are the kids in the Finland going to
spin around

after London I want moreLauantai 28.11.2009 13:51

more for me,
chocolate and experience
high street fashion
and life

a london boyTiistai 24.11.2009 22:35

on airplane went
flight will go well
in London landing
I am

and walked walkedSunnuntai 22.11.2009 20:50

he did
solar shone
pants full of ants

rose the morningLauantai 21.11.2009 17:15

and autonomically it went well
soda on left
or was it right
I am saved

sickness in my soulPerjantai 20.11.2009 17:36

candle light
my eyes are roasted
toasted on the moonlight
brought on your eyes
mouth that wants
all that is capable

arghTorstai 19.11.2009 13:20

it was a feast
face of the beast
and crushed on the street
I will kill her

the day in mijasKeskiviikko 18.11.2009 21:37

we found our way,
the haunted face
it was fun
to be a mediterranean

she was annoying, I wasn't annoyedTiistai 17.11.2009 18:48

and that was the way how it went,
the day was again spent,
finely, shrinely.
We are ready