these moments given are a gift from time

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again and againLauantai 31.10.2009 17:12

in internet cafe I am...
Blah, hot hot hot
I love spain

flight, flightTiistai 27.10.2009 15:08

Flight is today

spend spent spentSunnuntai 25.10.2009 13:11

has done
that on the road
while I bought
a bouquet of money

I had a wine
a glass on that
with worst things
to be told

I had those
with no meaning on poem
I know only wine
and hangover
with a hint of rum

aeroplaneLauantai 24.10.2009 18:05

it´s an error
don't tell me you know
how much this kept me
thinking, feeding
also bleeding

all the heavens are open,
ready to heal me
make me as complete
as I am in your wonders
so I am your image
of your vintage

drive drove drivenPerjantai 23.10.2009 22:09

gone by the wind
and gone by the road
I am here now

black as tears areTorstai 22.10.2009 18:38

coffee filling
getting out as pee
my ass is shitting

driving driving drivingKeskiviikko 21.10.2009 22:07

at this day I got eye on street
full of people
it felt strange
and nice at the same time
The day was good
it melted as wine
it felt nice
and that should it be

the day of full houseTiistai 20.10.2009 22:35

I am filled with coffee
with ether saint

A old poem that I foundTiistai 20.10.2009 03:16

This poem is from 2006

and I won´t publish it after I red it

salad sitland on my lapMaanantai 19.10.2009 23:16

I know
this waisted land
on my shoulder
no people
talking around
salad on my lap
feeling comfort