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What a guy / makes you cry / und I did.Keskiviikko 26.12.2007 02:14

i has watched Rocky Horror! :D and i can promise you it was purely for research. well, maybe not intirely. the songs are fabulous. ^^

after reading Cheeta's latest journal entries, i can say she has a strong point in what she's saying. if something you've liked for a long time suddenly becomes increasingly popular, it loses much of its fascination. i've watched the Simpsons probably ever since i learned to read. i remember the time i was the only girl on my class who watched the show and all other girls considered me some kind of freak.

now, mostly because of the movie last summer, Simpsons is more popular than ever and i keep seeing all new kinds of crap made for making money with it. games, comic books, figures, all that. i fell to an El Barto- pencilcase at the end of summer but that's it. i didn't even buy the movie, although it WAS great. but now i do get irritated by all those who have just started watching Simpsons, just to be on the same line with others. i bet THEY can't spell Apu's last name.

and i won't even get started with the finnish folks who've just found Jakotsu with the translations. ("Jakotsu is teh luv!!! is Jakotsu a guy or a girl by the way?")

but i still wouldn't have the balls to cut myself off those things. i'm already too obsessed and addicted. so i'll just live, let others live and kick anyone's ass who decides to come and tell me they know better. piace. <3

(by the way. mom told me i can have our god-only-knows-how-old aquarium and once the last fishies are dead [there's a major three left so it might not take all that long] i can get frogs<3 i love little cute frogs swimming in a fish tank ^^ and with time, i can move from frogs into lizards and one day it's time for the snake<3<3<3 oh the beauty of recycling.)

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