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"My ship is hugeish."Tiistai 25.12.2007 02:39

so, the most waited part of x-masness is over and i'm quite happy with my prey. that would include a bright red mp3-player (altouhgh it's no bloody use to me at the moment), a BIG bright red snake plushie (i've not decided what to call him/her yet, although i took Larry into serious consideration), a light-blue dressing gown (with a lining, so it's pretty damn warm in this thing), a small keychain-clock mom just pulled out of nowhere five minutes before we started unwrapping the gifts (it's no special at all but i'm insanely fascinated by it) and what i adore the most at the moment: a double-disc edition of PotC 3: At World's End.

of course i already watched the movie. i still love it. and the part with dozens of Jacks and the rock-crabs is still so marvelously adsurd it makes me shiver. goddes bless the people who understand that this movie is more than just action, it's so-called art (fin version: tekotaiteellinen). and when i say something is so-called art, it's always a good thing. i love so-called art movies! think about Requiem for a Dream and Crash. think about Jack and the crabs. see what i mean? and if you don't, if the word ABSURDNESS holds no meaning to you, please leave my journal. you won't be able to understand it.

the only thing missing from my share of presents was Spider-Man 3. i don't know why. but i'll buy it myself. gotta have some luxury in the life, doncha think? but all things considered, it's been a good x-mas. kinda weird though, since this is the first x-mas i've spent without my sister's kids since the eldest one of them was born nine years ago. now the tradition is broken and it feels somewhat scary. but then again, this year has changed very many things indeed. i've always been afraid of changes, but usually when i accept them, they point to better. usually.

but this is no time to be too thoughtful. this is the time to check my DA, listen 'Helena' (MCR) from YouTube and go to sleep next to my snake-plushie. it should also be remembered that the americans only receive their gifts next morning, while we are slowly getting used to the idea it's gone again. for the next 364 days, anyway. and the circle goes on. hold tight.

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