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Eminem - Em Calls PaulLauantai 01.05.2010 02:22

Aye yo Paul, It's Em
I got your call about the Michael Jackson thing
And I know that he's not 'thrilled' about the video
What does he 'wanna be startin' somethin'?'
Well I'll show him who's really 'bad'
Paul, 'the way you make me feel' with these calls
You should really take a look at the 'man in the mirror'
And tell him to 'beat it' because I 'won't stop till I get
Do you 'remember the time' we were watching the 'Billy Jean'
Well he'll always be that Michael to me
And it doesn't matter if he's 'black or white'
Because I 'can't stop loving him' and I hate plastic surgeons
And I hope they all fucking die!
How do you like that?
And I like him, I like him a lot
I want to touch him but I can't
Excuse me, I'm taking a shit
Anyways, call me back
I have this idea about how I want to end the show
So, hit me when you get this message fucker
Oh, and by the way
No I don't have a new gun (goddamn it)

Eminem - Big WeenieLauantai 24.04.2010 01:18

I don't understand
Why are you being so mean?
You're mean mean man

You are just jealous of me
'Cause you, you just can't do what I do
So instead of just admitting it
You walk around and say
All kinds of really mean things
About me 'cause you're a meanie, a meanie
But it's only 'cause you're
Just really jealous of me
'Cause I'm what you want to be
So you just look like an idiot
When you say these mean things
'Cause it's too easy to see
You're really just a big weenie, big weenie

Alright listen, I need you to focus
I need you to go dig deep in your mind, this is important
We are going to perform an experiment of the sorts
I'm going to have to ask you to bear with me for a moment
Now I need you to open your mind-your eyes close them
You are now about to be placed under my hypnosis
For the next four and a half minutes
We are going to explore into your mind
To find out why you're so fuckin' jealous
Now why did they make Yoo-Hoo?
Hippity ga-ga boo-boo
Psych, I'm kidding
I just wanted to see if you're still listenin'
Ok, now I need your undivided attention
Sir I have a question
Why do I always sense this undeniable tension
From the moment that I enter into the room
It gets all quiet and whispers
Whenever theres conversation, why am I always mentioned?
I've been dying to ask, it's been itchin' at me
Is it just because


Alright now I, I just flubbed a line
I was going to say something extremely important
But I forgot who or what it was, I fucked up
Psych, I'm kidding again you idiot, no I didn't
That's just what you wanted to hear from me
Is that I fucked up ain't it?
But I can bust one take without lookin' at no paper
It doesn't take a bunch of takes
Or me to stand here in this booth all day
For me to say the truth, ok?
You're drooling, you have tooth decay
Your mouth is open, you're disgusting
What the fuck you eat for lunch
A bunch of sweets or something, what?
You munch a bunch of Crunch 'N Munch?
Your tooth is rotten to the gum
Your breath stinks, wanna chew some gum?
Yes I do sir, what am I on?
You sir are on truth serum
Marshall I'm so jealous of you
Please say you won't tell nobody
I'd be so embarrassed, I'm just absolutely terrified
That someone's gonna find out why I'm saying
All these terrible, evil and awful mean things
It's my own insecurity!


Alright now we, we're going to conduct
That experiment that we were talking about earlier
Just to see what a frog looks like when it takes two hits of
'Cause that's exactly what your eyes look like, want to check to
Here's a mirror, notice the resemblance here?
Wait, let me put these sun glasses on
Now look in this mirror, how about now?
What do you have in common?
You're both green with envy and look like idiots with sunglasses
on 'em
You look like I sound like singing about weenies
Now take my weenie out of your mouth
This is between me and you, I know you're not happy
I know you'd much rather see me lying in the corner of a room
somewhere crying
Curled up in a ball tweaked out of my mind dying
There is no denying that my weenie is much bigger than yours is
Mine is like sticking a banana between two oranges
Why you even doing this to yourself, it's pointless
Why do we have to keep on going through this, this is tortuous
My point is this
That if you say mean things, weenie will shrink
Now I forgot what the chorus is, your just is...


Eminem - Crazy in LoveSunnuntai 18.04.2010 03:37

You always thought that I was doing alright
But nothing that was through a night
But I'm crazy over you
Crazy Over you
Crazy Over you
Let me go crazy crazy Over youuu

Can't you see what you do to me baby?
You make me crazy, you make me act like a maniac.
I'm like a lunatic, you make me sick
You truly are the only one who can do this to me
You just make me get so crazy.
I go skitzo, I get so insane I just go skitzophrenic
One minute I want to slit your throat
The next I want sex.
You make me crazy,
the way we act like 2 maniacs in the sac
We fuck like 2 jackrabbits
And maybe that's a bad habit.
'Cause the next day we're right back at it
In the same exact pattern
What the fuck is the matter with us
We can't figure out if it's
Lust or it's love
What's sad is what's attracting us to each other
They say that every man grows up to marry his own mother.
Which would explain why you're such a motherfucking bitch
But I stay and still stick it out with you even though I just
hit you today
But you deserve it you hit me first and provoked me to choke
Just 'cause I came home late last night crawled in bed and I woke
But if there's one thing about you I admire its, baby,
Because you stay with me, maybe, because you're as crazy as I
'Cause when I look at you I can see an angel in your eyes
But if I look deeper inside I see your freakish little side.
Like a devil in disguise,
You're always full of surprises
Always pullin' devises
Out your personal vibrators and dildos
You fucked yourself so much
You barely feel those anymore
You're only 24 but you're plenty more now.
Sure than those other little hoes
Who just act like little girls
Like they're in middle school still
You're crazy sexy cool, chillin
You play your position
You never step out of line
Even though I stay in your business
You've always kept out of mine.
I wonder whats on your mind
Sometimes they say love is blind
Maybe that's why the first time I dotted your eye
You ain't see a sign.

Or maybe you did Maybe you like me and stuff
Maybe 'cause we're crazy in looove

Crazy Over you
Crazy Over you
Let me go crazy crazy Over youuu

You're the ink to my paper
Where my pen is to my pad
The moral, the very fiber
The whole substance to my rap.
You are my reason for being
The meaning of my existence
If it wasn't for you
I would never be able to spit this
These sentences I do wit me I am me
Is you rely on me as much
as I rely on you to inspire me like you do.
You provide me the lighterfluid to fuel my fire
You're my entire supply
Gas, the match, the igniter.
The only way that I am able to stay so stable
Is you're the legs to my table
If you were to break I'd fall on my face.
But I'm always going to make you feel
I don't need you as much as I really need you
So you don't use it to your advantage.
But you're essential to me
You're the air I breathe
I believe if you ever leave me
I'd probably have no reason to be.
You are the Kim to my Marshall
You're the Slim to my Shady
The Dre to my Eminem
The Elaina to my Hailey.
You are the word I am looking for when
I'm trying to describe how I feel inside
And the right one just won't come to my mind.
You're like the pillar that props me up
The beam that supports me
The bitch who never took half,
The wife who never divorced me.
You're like the root to my evil
You let my devil come out me
You let me beat the shit out you
Before you beat the shit out me.

And no matter how much
Too much is never enough
Maybe 'cause we're crazy in looove


Eminem - Rain ManLauantai 17.04.2010 01:26

(Definately, definately, definately, definately definately K-mart)
Yeah, yeah

You find me offensive? I find you offensive
For finding me offensive
Hence if I should draw a line on any fences
If so to what extense if
Any, should I go? 'Cause it's getting expensive
Being on the other side of the courtroom on the defensive
They say that I cause extensive
Pshycological nerve damage to the brain when I go to lenghts this,
Far at other people's expenses
I say your all just too god damn sensitive
It's censorship
And it's down right blasphomous
Listen to shit now cause I won't stand for this
And Chirs-stiff-pher Reeves won't sit for this neither
And let's clear this up too I ain't got no beef with him either
He used to be like a hero to me
I even believe I, had one of those 25 cent stickers on my re--fridgerator
Right next to Darth Vader
And Darth must have put a hex on him for later
I feel like it's my fault cause of the way that
I stuck him up in between him and Lex Luther
I killed Superman, I killed Super--man
And how ironic, that I'd be the bad guy
Kryptonite: The Green Chronic

Cause I ain't got no legs!
Or no brain, nice to meet you
Hi, my name is...
I forgot my name!
My name was not to become what I became with this level of fame
My soul is possessed by this devil my new name is....
Rain Man

Now in the Bible it says
Thou shalt not watch two lesbians in bed,
Have homosexual sex
Unless of course you were given the consent to join in
Then of course, it's intercourse
And it's bi-sexual sex
Which isn't as bad, as long as you show some remorse for your actions
Either before, during or after peforming the act of that which
Is normally referred to have such, more commonly known phrases
That are more used by today's kids
In a more derogatory way but
Who's to say, what's fair to say, and what not to say?
Let's ask Dr. Dre
Dr. Dre? (What up?)
I gotta question if I may? (Yeah)
Is it gay to play Putt-Putt golf with a friend (Yeah)
And watch his butt-butt when he tees off? (Yeah)
But, ut! I ain't done yet
In football the quarterback yells out hutt-hutt
While he reaches in another grown man's ass
Grabs on his nuts but just what if
It was never meant it was just an accident
But he tripped, fell, slipped and his penis went in
His teeny tiny little round hiney but he didn't mean it
But his little weenie flinched just a little bit
And I don't mean to go in into any more details but
What if he pictured it as a females butt?
Is that gay? I just need to clear things up
Til then I'll just walk around with a manly strut because...


You find me offensive, I find you offensive
Shit, this is the same verse I just did this
When am I gonna come to my good senses?
Probably the day Bush comes to my defenceses
My spider senses telling me Spiderman is nearby
And my plan is to get him next
And open up a whip ass canister
God damn it Dre where is the god damn beat? (Yeah)
Anyway, anyway I don't know how else to put it
This is the only thing that I'm good at
I am the bad guy, Kryptonite: The Green Chronic
Demonic, yep yep, don't worry I'm on it
I got it, high five Nick Lachey
Stuck a pen in Jessica's head and walked away
And she blew around the room like a balloon-a
Grabbed the last can of chicken tuna
Out the trash can and zoom-a
Headed straight back to the Neverland Ranch
With a peanut butter, jelly, chicken, tuna sandwhich
And I don't gotta make no god damn sense
I just did a whole song and I didn't say shit

Yo, Rain Man
Definately, definately Dr. Dre super dope beat maker two thousand and
Two thousand four hundred and eighty seven million
Nine hundred and n seventy three thousand four hundred and sixty three
And seventy (Yeah)

Eminem - My 1st SingleLauantai 10.04.2010 13:35

So much for first single on this one

Shady's the lable
Aftermath is a stable
That the horses come out errp
Of course we're about to stir up
Some shit as thick as mrs butterworths syrup
It's the mr. picked on Christopher Reeves
Just for no reason other than just to tease him
Cause he was his biggest (burp) fan He used to be Superman
Now I'm pourin liquor on the crib in his name for him
Eminem you wait till' we meet up again
Fucker I'm kickin your ass for everything you've ever said
It's one for the money two for the fuckin show
Ready get set, let's go
Here comes the buckin bronco, stompin and stampedin up the damn street
Like them buffalo soldiers, I told ya I'm about to blow
So look out below, jeronimo, motherfuckers its dominos
I'm on a roll, around and around I go
When will I stop? I don't know
Tryna pick up where the Eminem Show left off
But I know anything's possible
Though I'm not gonna top what I sold
I'm at the top of my game
That shit is not gonna change
Long as I got Dr. Dre on my team
I'll get away with murder
I'm like o.j. he's like my cochran today
We keep them mark freman tapes
In a safe, locked them away
Better watch what you say
Just when you thought you were safe
Them fuckers got you on tape
You swear to god you was playin
Whether or not you was little Joshua
Gosh I wish I coulda told you to not do the same
Cause one day it could cost you your name

And this was supposed to be my first single (burp)
But I just fucked that up so
Fuck it, let's all have fun let's mingle (burp)
Slap a bitch and smack a ho
This was supposed to be my catchy little jingle
That you hear on your radio
But shit's about to hit the shingle
Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh No
erra Oh Ah (3x)
erra Oh Oh Ah Ah
erra Oh Ah Oh Ah
erra Oh Ah Oh Ah
erra Poo Poo ka ka

Erra Erra Eric swallowed some generic sleeping pills
And woke up in bed next to his best friend Derick bare naked
jig-aig-ji-ji janean just turned
16 and used a fake id
To sneak in V.I.P. to see R. Kelly
Hehehehehe, to be so young and naive
Oh what I wouldn't give to live so Kim and care free
Paris and Nikki's parents must be so tickled to cherish
Every picture with their kids with hickeys all over their necks
Hickory Dickory derk diggler
Look at me work wizardry with these words
Am I a jerk or just jerk chicken
Or Chicka chicka chicka chicka jer jer jerkin the chain
22 jerks in a jerk circle
Or is it a circle jerk or wait a minute
What am I sayin, allow me to run it back and rewind it
wait a minute let me ask you again
Am I just jerkin the chain
Am I bizerk or insane
Or am I just one of them damn amateurs
Workin the damn camera filmin one of them
Paris Hilton home made pornos
Who keeps tiltin the lens at an angle
Chicka Chicka
Just recently somebody just discovered
Britney and Justin videotapes of them fuckin
When they were just mouseketeers in the Mickey Mouse club
And dusted them and went straight to The Source with them
Cause they coulda sworn someone said Nuh
And then tried to erase and record over it
But if you listen close enough to it you can hear the
Uh Uh and then the come-to-find-out-it-was-Justin
Sayin I'm gon"nuh" come '
and this was


supposed to be my first single (burp)
But I just fucked that up so
Fuck it, let's all have fun let's mingle (burp)
Slap a bitch and smack a ho
This was supposed to be my catchy little jingle
That you hear on your radio
But shit's about to hit the shingle
Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh No
erra Oh Ah (3x)
erra Oh Oh Ah Ah
erra Oh Ah Oh Ah
erra Oh Ah Oh Ah
erra Poo Poo Ca Ca

Any opinions or somethin you just wanna get off your chest
And address it about my lyrics I'd love to hear it
All you gotta do is pick up the phone and just dial up this number
It's 1-800-I'm a dick sucker I love to suck a dick
And if someone picks up you can talk all the shit you want about me
Just type in your number back and follow it by the pound key
And I'll be sure to get back
As soon as there comes a day that I fall out with Dre
Wake up gay, make up with Ray (Hey!)
So fuck a chicken, and lick a chicken, and suck a chicken
Beat a chicken, eat a chicken like it's a big cock, big a big cock
Or suck a dick, and lick a dick and eat a dick
And stick a dick in your mouth
I'm done you can fuck off
fucka-fucka offf


And this was supposed to be my first single (burp)
But I just fucked that up so
Fuck it, let's all have fun let's mingle (burp)
Slap a bitch and smack a ho
This was supposed to be my catchy little jingle
That you hear on your radio
But shit's about to hit the shingle
Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh No
erra Oh Ah (3x)
erra Oh Oh Ah Ah
erra Oh Ah Oh Ah
erra Oh Ah Oh Ah
erra Poo Poo Ca Ca

Eminem - PukeMaanantai 05.04.2010 21:30

There I go
thinking of you again

You don't know how sick you make me
You make me fucking sick to my stomach
Every time I think of you, I puke
You must just not know
You may not think you do, but you do
Every time I think of you I puke

I was gonna take the time to sit down and write you a little
But from of the dome would probably be a little more, more
suitable for this type of song ― whoa
I got a million reasons off the top of my head that I could
think of
Sixteen bars, this ain't enough to put some ink ta
So fuck it, I'ma start right here by just be brief-a
Bout to rattle off some other reasons
I knew I shouldn't go and get another tattoo of you
On my arm, but what do I go and do
I go and get another one, now I got two
Ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh
I'm sittin' here with your name on my skin
I can't believe I went and did this stupid shit again
My next girlfriend, now her name's gotta be Kim
If you only knew how much I hated you
For every motherfuckin' thing you ever put us through
Then I wouldn't be standing here crying over you


I was gonna take the time to sit down and write you a little
But I thought a song would probably be a little better
Instead of a letter
That you'd probably just shred up ― yeah
I stumbled on your picture yesterday and it made me stop and
think of
How much of a waste it'd be for me to put some ink to, a stupid
piece a
Paper, I'd rather let you see how
Much I fucking hate you in a freestyle
You're a fucking coke-head, I hope you fucking die
I hope you get to hell and Satan sticks a needle in your eye
I hate your fucking guts, you fucking slut, I hope you die
But please don't get me wrong, I'm not bitter or mad
It's not that I still love you, it's not 'cause I want you back

It's just that when I think of you, it makes me wanna
What else can I do, I haven't got a clue
Now I guess I'll just move on, I have no choice but to
But every time I think of you now, all I wanna do
Is pu-uu-uu-uu-uu-uu-uke


Fucking bitch

Eminem - MoshSunnuntai 04.04.2010 03:00

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America
And to the Republic for which it stands
One nation under God

It feels so good to be back

Scrutinize every word, memorize every line
I spit it once, refuel, re-energize and rewind
I give sight to the blind, my insight through the mind
I exercise my right to express when I feel it's time
It's just all in your mind, what you interpret it as
I say to fight, you take it as I'ma whip someone's ass
If you don't understand, don't even bother to ask
A father who has grown up with a fatherless past
Who has blown up now to rap phenomenon, that has,
or at least shows, no difficulty multi-task
and in juggling both, perhaps mastered his craft
slash entrepreneur, who has helped launch a few more rap bags
Who's had a few obstacles thrown his way, through the last half
of his career, typical manure, moving past that
Mr. Kisses Ass crack, he's a class act
Rubber band man, yeah, he just snaps back

Come along, follow me, as I lead through the darkness
As I provide just enough spark that we need to proceed
Carry on, give me hope, give me strength
Come with me, and I won't steer you wrong
Put your faith and your trust, as I guide us through the fog
To the light at the end of the tunnel
We gon' fight, we gon' charge, we gon' stomp
We gon' march through the swamp
We gon' mosh through the marsh
Take us right through the doors
Come on

All the people up top, on the side and the middle
Come together, lets all bomb and swamp just a little
Just let it gradually build, from the front to the back
All you can see is a sea of people, some white and some black
Don't matter what color, all that matters we're gathered together
To celebrate for the same cause, don't matter the weather
If it rains let it rain, yeah, the wetter the better
They ain't gon' stop us, they can't, we're stronger now more than ever
They tell us "no", we say "yeah"; they tell us "stop", we say "go"
Rebel with a rebel yell, raise hell, we gon' let em know
Stomp, push, shove, mush, fuck Bush, until they bring our troops home, c'mon


Imagine it pouring, it's raining down on us
Mosh pits outside the oval office
Someone's tryin' to tell us something,
Maybe this is god just sayin' we're responsible
For this monster, this coward, that we have empowered
This is Bin Laden, look at his head noddin'
How could we allow something like this without pumpin' our fists
Now this is our final hour
Let me be the voice in your strength and your choice
Let me simplify the rhyme just to amplify the noise
Try to amplify it times it, and multiply by six
Teen million people, are equal at this high pitch
Maybe we can reach Al-Qaida through my speech
Let the president answer a higher anarchy
Strap him with an AK-47, let him go fight his own war
Let him impress daddy that way
No more blood for oil, we got our own battles to fight on our own soil
No more psychological warfare, to trick us to thinking that we ain't loyal
If we don't serve our own country, we're patronizin' a hero
Look in his eyes, it's all lies
The stars and stripes, they've been swiped, washed out and wiped
And replaced with his own face, mosh now or die
If I get sniped tonight you know why, 'cause I told you to fight.


And as we proceed,
To mosh through this desert storm,
In these closing statements, if they should argue
Let us beg to differ
As we set aside our differences
And assemble our own army
To disarm this Weapon of Mass Destruction
That we call our President, for the present
And mosh for the future of our next generation
To speak and be heard
Mr. President, Mr. Senator

Do you guy's hear us?

Eminem - Kuten lelusotilaatLauantai 03.04.2010 02:24

Askel askeleelta, sydän sydämeltä, vasen oikea vasen
Me kaikki kaadumme alas
Askel askeleelta, sydän sydämelta, vasen oikea vasen
Me kaikki kaadumme alas kuin lelusotilaat
Pala palalta repeydymme irti, emme koskaan voita
Mutta taistelu lietsoo lelusotilaita

Minun oletaan olevan sotilas joka ei koskaan menetä malttiaan
Jopa kun taakallani on koko maailman paino
Minun ei oleteta koskaan näyttävän sitä, joukkoni ei oleteta tietävän sitä
Jopa jos se tarkoittaa menemistä askel askeleelta Benzinon kanssa, se ei haittaa
En koskaan kisko heitä taisteluun jotka pysty käsittelemään itse, minun vain tarvitsee
Minun odotetaan antavan esimerkit, minun tarvitsee olla johtaja
Minun joukkoni odottavat minun jodattavan heitä
Jos jotain paskaa tulee jostain esiin, minun oletetaan olevan heidän rinnallaan
Se Ja paska, yritin liiskata sen, oli vain liian myöhäistä pysäyttää se
On kuitenkin yksinkertainen linja, et vain ylitä sitä, ja hän ylitti sen
Kuulin hänen sanovan Hailien nimen laulussa ja menin aivan sekaisin
Se oli hullua, tämä paska menee yli Jay Z:n ja Nas:n paskan
Ja vaikka taistelu oli voitettu, tuntuu kuin olisimme hävinneet sen
Laitoin niin paljon energiaa peliin, rehellisesti sanottuna olen uupunut
Olin niin sen pauloissa että tuntui melkein kuin olisin aiheuttanut sen
Tämän vuoksi en ole hip-hop alalla, se ei ole syy miksi innostuin siitä
Nyt se ei koskaan ole tarkoitukseni jos joku tapetaan
Miksi haluisin tuhota jotain mitä autoin rakentamaan
Se ei ollut aikomukseni, aikomukseni olivat hyvät
Minua ei koskaan urallani mainuttu
Ja se vain on niin poissa luottamuksesta jota en sano ääneen
Ja puhuin jostain josta en edes tiennyt mitään
Plus Dre pyysi minua pysymään poissa, se ei vain ollut hetkeni, joten tein niin
Astuin vain taaksepäin katsoin ja kiristelin hampaitani kun hän oli kaikkialla TV:ssä
Nyt puhun miehestä joka kirjaimellisesti pelasti elämäni, paskat siitä
Ymmärrän, tämä on bisnestä ja tämä paska ole ollenkaan minulle
Mutta silti tiedän että tämä paska saattaa antaa mahdollisuuden minä minuuttina hyvänsä


Se oli aikaa jolloin voisit vain sanoa rytmin
Eikä sinun pitänyt murehtia läheistesi kuolemasta
Mutta nyt se on ilmeisempää, koska kerran kun laitat jonkun lapsen kokemaan sen
Paksa vain yltyy, ne eivät ole enää vain sanoja, onko se?
Se on erilainen pallopeli, nimittelyä ja et vain räppää
Me itseasiassa yritimme pelastaa 50 ja Ja:n tapahtuneelta
Minä ja Dre olemme istuneet hänen kanssaan, potkineet häntä ja keskustelleet hänen kanssaan
Ja pyytäneet häntä olemasta aloittamatta sitä, hän ei aikonut mennä hänen peräänsä
Kunnes Ja alkoi räyhäsi lehdessä kuinka hän iski häntä
Haista paska 50, iske häntä, iske häntä, ja anna hänen saada se
Sillävälin aikomukseni lähtivät toisiin suuntiin
Jotkut vastaanottovirkailijat sanoivat lähteen jotka vastaisivat puhelimeen
Hänen työpydällään oli rakennelma minulle ja luulen että olisin hänen ylösnousemuksensa
Yritin puhaltaa pölyn hänen miksitään ja tehdä uuden levyn
Mutta nyt hän pilasi pelin koska yksi tie mistä tulin
Oli julkistettu, sama jonka ansiosta tulin kuuluisaksi
Nyt sen omistaja kantaa kaunaa minulle, vain vittuillakseen
Että kusipää voi saada sen myös, hittoon ne
Mutta olen niin kiireinen painuessani hiiteen, en lopeta ajattelemista
Että me vain perimme 50:n rahat murha osakkeessa
Ja hän peri minun, mikä on ihan okei, se ei ole kummankaan mieleen
Silti minulla on sotilaita jotka ovat etujoukoisssa kuolemassa vuokseni
Heti kun annamme ohjeet, he eivät koskaan kiristä meitä
Tiukasti näyttäen että he kannattavat meitä
Ehkä huudamme hielle räpin tahtiin kertosäkeen näyttääksemme että rakastamme heitä
Ja näyttääksemme heille kuinka tärekeää on saada Runyon Avenue sotilaat
Heidän uskollisuutensa meitä kohtaan on enemmän kuin yksikään palkinto
Mutta en yritä saada yhtään lisää ihmisistäni loukkaantumaan tai tulemaan murhatuksi
Se ei ole sen arvoista, en keksi täydellisempää tapaa sanoa sitä
Sitten vain sanoakseni että rakastan teitä kaikki niin paljon etten voi nähdä tuomiota
Kävelen pois siitä kaikesta ennenkuin annan tapahtua enää mitään enempää
Nyt älä hämmenny, ei se ole anomus jota kopioin
Minä vain aion olla suurempi mies
Jos te kaikki voitte lopettaa tavan hypätä kitaan
Koska suoraan sanottuna, olen kyllästynyt puhumiseen
En aio antaa jonkun muun maata arkussa kun olen tajuissani


Eminem - Like Toy SoldiersPerjantai 02.04.2010 01:28

Step by step, heart to heart, left right left
We all fall down
Step by step, heart to heart, left right left
We all fall down like toy soldiers
Bit by bit torn apart We never win
But the battle wages on for toy soldiers

I'm suppose to be the soldier who never blows his composure
Even though I hold the weight of the whole world on my shoulders
I ain't never suppose to show it, my crew ain't suppose to know it
Even if it means going toe to toe with the Benzino, it don't matter
I never drag 'em in battles that I can handle less I absolutely have to
I'm suppose to set an example, I need to be the leader
My crew looks for me to guide 'em
If some shit ever just pop off I'm suppose to be beside 'em
That Ja shit, I tried to squashed it, it was too late to stop it
There's a certain line, you just don't cross it, and he crossed it
I heard him say Hailie's name on a song and I just lost it
It was crazy, this shit went way beyond some Jay Z and Nas shit
And even though the battle was won, I feel like we lost it
I spent so much energy on it, honestly I'm exhausted
I'm so caught it I almost feel like I'm the one who caused it
This ain't what I'm in hip-hop for, it's not why I got in it
Now it's never my object to for someone to get killed
Why would I wanna destroy something I helped build
It wasn't my intentions, my intentions were good
I went through my whole career with out ever mentioning
And that's just outta respect for not running my mouth
And talking about something that I knew nothing about
Plus Dre told me stay out, just wasn't my beef, So I did
I just fell back, watched and gritted my teeth while he's all over TV
Now I'm talking a man who literally saved my live, like fuck it
I understand, this is business and this shit just isn't none of my business
But still knowing this shit could pop off at any minute


It used to be time when you could just say a rhyme
And wouldn't have to worry about one of your people dying
But now it's elevated cause once you put someone's kids in it
Shit gets escalated, it ain't just words no more, is it
It's a different ball game, call names and you ain't just rapping
We actually tried to stop the 50 and Ja beef from happening
Me and Dre had sat with him, kicked it and had a chat with him
And asked him not to start it, he wasn't gonna go after him
Until Ja start gabbing in magazines how he stabbed him
Fuck it 50, smash him, mash him, and let him have it
Meanwhile my intentions pulley'd in other directions
Some receptionist said the source who answers phones
At his desk has an erection for me and thinks that I'll be his resurrection
Tries to blow the dust of his mic and make a new record
But now he's fucked the game up cause one of the ways I came
Was through that publication, the same one that made me famous
Now the owner of it got a grudge against me for nothing but fuck it
That motha fucker can get it too, fuck 'em then
But I'm so busy being pissed off, I don't stop to think
That we just inherited 50's beef with murder inc
And he's inherited mine, which is fine, ain't like either of us mind
Still have soldiers that is on the front line that's willing to die for us
As soon as we give the orders, never to extort us
Strictly to show they support us
Maybe shout 'em out in a rap or up in chorus to show we love 'em back
And to let 'em know how important is to have Runyon Avenue soldiers up in
our corners
Their loyalty to us is worth more then any award is
But I ain't trying to have none of me people hurt or murdered
It ain't worth it, I can't think of a perfecter way to word it
Then to just say that I love y'all too much to see the verdict
I'll walk away from it all before I'll let it go any further
Now don't get it twisted, it's not a plea that I'm coping
I'm just willing to be the bigger man
If y'all can quiet popping off at the jaws with the knocking
Cause frankly I'm sick of talking
I'm not gonna let someone else's coffin rest on my conscious


Eminem - Yellow Brick RoadSunnuntai 28.03.2010 16:35

What we have to do is deal with it when these individuals are
young enough. If you wish to be
saved, not in a religious sense but not to constitute what this
country at times calls if or
which over. We seem to be approaching an age of the gross. We
all have this idea that we should
move up from our parents station and each generation should do a
little bit better

Come on, let's cut the bullshit enough
Let's get it started, let's start addressing this issue and open
it up
Let's take this shit back to bass mint
And we can discuss statements thats made on this tape
And its whole origin of the music that we all know and love
The music that we all enjoy the music you all accuse me of trying to
Let's rewind it to 89 when I was a boy on the east side of
Crossing 8 Mile in the border in the hate territory
I'd like to share a story, this is my story and cant no body
tell it for me
You will well inform me, I am well aware that I don't belong
You've made that perfectly clear, I get my ass kicked damn near
From Bel-Air shopping center just for stopping in there
From the black side all the way to the white side
Okay there's a bright side a day that I might slide
You may call it a past I call it hauling my ass
Through that patch of grass over them railroad tracks
Oh them railroad tracks, them old railroad tracks
Them good old notorious oh well known tracks

Come on lets go back
Follow the yellow brick road as we go on another episode
Journey with me as I take you through this nifty little place
I once used to call home sweet home


I roam the streets so much they call me a drifter
Sometimes I stick up a thumb just to hitch hike
Just to get picked up to get me a lift to 8 mile and Van Dyke
And steal a god damn bike from somebody's backyard
And drop it off at the park that was the half way mark
To meet Kim had to walk back to her mama's them dramas after
To sneak me in the house when I'm kicked out my mom's
Thats about the time I first met Proof when poof he'd carry on
the set
Set eyes born in and out some flyers, he was doing some talent
At center line, I had told him to stop by and check this out
He looked at me like I'm out my mind shook his head like white
boys don't know how to rhyme
I spit out a line and rhymed birthday with first place
And we both had the same rhymes that sound alike
We was on the same shit that Big Daddy Kane shit with compound
syllables sound combined
From that day we was down to ride somehow we knew we'd meet
again somewhere down the line

refrain (2x)

My first year in 9th grade, can't forget that day at school
It was cool till your man MC Sham came through
And said that Boom was the brain 'cause the clan makes troops
It was rumors but man god damned they flew
Must've been true because man we done banned they shoes
I had the new ones the Cool J, Ice land swayed too
And we just through them in the trash like they yesterday's
Guess who came through next, X clam debut
Professor X and glorious exists in a state of red, black, and
With a key sissies now with this being a new trend
We don't fit in crackers is out with Cactus albums
Blackness is in, African symbols and medallions
Represents black power and we ain't know what it meant
Me and my man Howard and would go to the mall with 'em
All over our necks like we're showing 'em off not knowing at all
We was being laughed at you ain't even half black
You ain't supposed to have that homie let me grab that
And that Flavor Flave clock we gonna have to snatch that
All I remember is meeting back at Manix's basement
Saying how we hate this, our races wit dope the x clan take this
Which reminds me back in 89 me and Kim broke up for the first
She was trying to two time me and there was this black girl
At our school who thought I was cool 'cause I rapped so she was
kinda eyeing me
And oh the irony guess what her name was ain't even gonna say it
The same color hair as hers was and blue contacts and a pair of
The bombest god damn girl in our whole school if I could pull
Not only would I become more popular but I would be able to piss
Kim off at the same time
But it backfired I was supposed to dump her but she dumped me
for this black guy
And thats the last I ever seen or heard or spoke to the oh
foolish pride girl
But I've heard people say they heard the tape and it ain't that
But it was I singled out a whole race and for that apologize
I was wrong 'cause no matter what color a girl is she still a

refrain (2x)